Knee-Jerk Reaction to the Colts Roster Cuts

Quick thoughts on the release of our beloved Colts 53 Man Roster.

  • McClendon surprized me. A curious 2010 4th round draft pick, I suppose we should have seen this coming when they threw number 80 on him last year and let him walk the sidelines pretending to be a TE.
  • DeVan makes some sense.  The Colts are deep have several options at guard with Reitz and Diem starting,  and Pollak serving as a back up to both and also Saturday. With the recent reports that Ben is getting a look at guard, the Colts seem to have some movable parts, thus rendering DeVan expendable. Although, I personally question keeping Richard over DeVan.
  • Moala picked up from the end of last season and spent the preseason in the opponent's backfield. He's disruptive and finishing tackles. Nevis may prove to be a better DT than Moala, but only because Drake is a beast on his way to a Pro Bowl or 2 before his career is over.
  • Mike McNeill??? We all like #47, but do we really need a second Poor Man's Dallas Clark?
  • The five RB's and five WR's the Colts retained are the most talented options. I for one am happy with this group of skills players. Anyone complaining about Gonzalez and White as the 4th and 5th recievers, simple hasn't watched the Colts over the last 4 or 5 years. Or doesn't possess the ability to comprehend roster management in the NFL.
  • When Nevis lined up next to Moala they worked well together. I'm fine with Nevis and Mookie as the 1-Techs.
  • Cutting Hughes, Brown, or Gonzo makes no sense to me…this year. (Please disagree in the comments. Bill Polian is a devout reader of mine and will certainly consider your insights.)
  • Keeping both Brayton and Anderson indicates to me the Colts are determined to shore up the run defense. I expected Brayton to get cut.
  • I can see Anderson lining up on first downs rotating out Freethis periodically. Anderson would benefit greatly opposite Freeney and the double teams he commands.
  • Glad Lefeged and Caldwell made the cuts. I thought the Colts would draft Lefeged in the 4th or 5th. I consider him a steal. My guess by seasons end no one is complaining about the safeties.
  • I expect McNeill and Spann to end up on the Practice Squad, replaced with castaway from other teams.

These thoughts bounced around in my head as I looked at the initial 2011 roster but the prevailing words that continually run threw my head are…HEAL THAT NERVE! HEAL THAT NERVE!

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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