Key Points from the Colts-Patriots Game

The Colts' loss to the New England Patriots turned out to be a much closer outcome than expected by most fans and experts, and actually provided us with some good things to talk about for once! Good:

  • Dan Orlovsky played a very good game, albeit against a terrible defense. Yes, the vast majority of his success came in the fourth quarter as the Patriots went into more of a prevent style defense, and yes, the Patriots' defense is bad to begin with. That being said, Orlovsky looked much better than Painter has over the last few games, being accurate with his throws, making throws under pressure, and in general actually looking like a quarterback?
  • Donald Brown ran hard despite getting a low YPC. His YPC fell due to poor blocking up front, as Brown ran hard and looked good, especially on the touchdown run late in the fourth. He was picking up blitzes well, caught a few passes, and ran the ball hard to a 50% success rate. It's looking easier and easier to let Addai go this offseason.
  • The wide receivers really picked up their game this week. With a competent quarterback, Wayne, Garcon, and Collie all looked like starting wideouts.
  • Jacob Lacey actually played pretty well in his starting spot. He tackled well and in general made good reads.
  • Overall, the defense was very good in the first and fourth quarters, allowing just three points.


  • The defensive playcalling was horrendous. What is New England's biggest strengths on offense? Short and intermediate passes. But, the Colts played to prevent the big play, playing their linebackers and cornerbacks way off. This was especially a problem in the third quarter, as the Colts' defensive coaches seemed to make zero adjustments.
  • Injuries are a killer again, this time knocking out Powers, Angerer, and Terrence Johnson.
  • The OL took a big step back with Pollak starting over Reitz/Tepper. The run blocking was pretty bad all night.
  • The mismanagement of the DBs continues, as Kevin Thomas was inactive for this game, despite starting the past five games. This left the Colts with just four cornerbacks for the game, and Lacey and Rucker ended up being the only two that would last it all game.
  • Letting Gronk get three TDs in the redzone is just embarrassing. Everybody else in the world knew to watch him.
Kyle J. Rodriguez

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