JMV Tweets That Manning May Have Second Surgery [UPDATE]

Crap. From JMV on 1070 the fan:

Been told by multi sources that QB P Manning needs a 2nd neck procedure. Will remain out indefinitely.Called #colts and waiting on response.

There has been no other reports on this yet, this is kind of coming out of nowhere. If this is true. It is disaster time in Indianapolis. I have no words to say right now. Pray it's not true.

[UPDATE] Peter King reports:

Colts president Bill Polian to me tonight on reports Peyton needs second neck surgery: "I don't know anything about that. I honestly don't." While this is good news, we're still going to keep an eye on it. Wouldn't be surprised if something is still up.

[UPDATE] From Adam Schefter:

Filed to ESPN from @mortreport: Peyton Manning is being revaluated by several doctors bc of slow progress. No other procedure planned now.

Good: No procedure planned. Bad: He needs reevaluation. Something is up. And it's not good. Here's Mort's tweet:

No 2nd surgery/procedure for Manning is planned, as of now. He's getting multiple opinions still waiting for answers on slow progress.

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