Jim Tressel Set to Make Colts Debut

With week seven upon us, former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel will finally encounter his first NFL game as a member of the Indianapolis Colts organization. In case you forgot, the Colts hired Tressel before the beginning of the season to serve as a "replay consultant".

However, before Tressel could even get fitted for his new Colts sweater vest, he was handed down a seven game suspension from the league due to his involvement within the scandal at Ohio State. Starting Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, Tressel will make his way to the booth to help analyze challenge situations, among other possible functions.

With Jim Caldwell's steady reputation of missing challenges or hesitating to throw the red flag, this new position could serve to be a more important pickup than people think. Caldwell enlightened us to Tressel's schedule for this week, compliments of Phil Wilson at the Indianapolis Star.

“It will vary,” Caldwell said. “Initially, I want him to come around to make certain that he kind of gets a feel for how we do things, with practice, preparation, all those kinds of things, so he’ll have a sense of that. Then the rest of the time, it will probably be just toward the weekend. But he’ll be around; travel with us obviously.”

According to Caldwell, he might have other "game-day activities" for Tressel to take on, but didn't specify exactly what these activities would involve. Welcome aboard, officially, Coach Tressel. Long live the Sweater Vest!

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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