Jay Glazer: Peyton Manning Flew to Europe for Stem Cell Surgery

Yesterday, prior to the afternoon NFL games, Fox Sports' Jay Glazer had some more interesting information on Peyton Manning's recent surgeries.

According to Glazer, Manning flew to Europe before his recent neck surgery (the third one) in order to receiver a stem cell procedure. Instead of being the controversial embryonic stem cell surgery, Manning's procedure involved taking some of his own fat tissue and inserting it into his neck, in order to (hopefully) aid in the process of regenerating his nerves.

Glazer also reported that this type of treatment is not approved in the United States, hence the trip to Europe. According to Will Carroll, the procedure is legal in the US, but that makes little sense to why Manning would take the trip to Europe to have it done if that was the case.

For more details on the medical details of the treatment, check out Laura Calaway's article on the subject. One thing that we can definitively take out of these (sometimes conflicting) reports is that Peyton Manning is a baller. Coupled with a report earlier this week that Manning had opted for a more painful surgery (with a faster recovery time), this just goes to show how passionate Peyton Manning is about the game of football. His passion for playing is what makes him great, and I'll be forever grateful that I was able to witness it.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Anna from Newsy for sending me this video about Manning and stem cell research. Check it out.

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