Irsay Looking for Veteran QB

I will see you in Texas!

Earlier today, Jim Irsay tweeted this…

We r evaluating the QB sitch,#18 healing but we got 2 b prepared 4 early season possibility without him,defense has 2 pick it up,big time!

Now, this tweet has already incited panic among some fans, but personally I’m not worried.

This is a combination of leftover panic from Manning not playing, and the fact that the backups have not played well. So some fans are worried that Manning won’t play, and these thoughts are only pure speculation. I’ll put it this way, I honestly do believe if the regular season was tomorrow, Peyton Manning would play. Peyton Manning is one of the toughest people in the NFL. He broke a jaw one play, and that didn’t even stop him from coming back in. You would have to (god forbid) break one of his legs or his throwing arm to keep him off the field. And even then, he would still find a way to play. This is just an over reaction Irsay looking for a better QB just in case Manning can’t play. Because it is a possibility, no matter how unlikely. Irsay in no way did say Manning had a set back or was behind schedule, and unless he does have a setback we should fully expect him to play in the season opener. Some people would compare this to 2008, when Manning had an infected bursa sac and had knee surgery, but would call this a lot worse. I just don’t buy that. This time, it’s a lot different, and for the better. Manning is throwing balls in practice, he’s showing up at games, and he’s not on crutches or in a wheelchair. By all accounts, he’s been working out and in better shape than he was in 2008. Will he be 100% when we face the Texans? Probably not, but he should be farther along than he was in 2008. Lastly, some would argue that Manning has already had a setback, since Irsay said that this surgery would not keep Manning from training camp, and he didn’t take a single snap in training camp. The reason for this is simple, the lockout is to blame for that. Manning went on record saying he would not do physical therapy with anybody but the Colts physical therapist. He then went a little behind on his physical therapy waiting for the lockout to end, and that is why he is not playing yet. The lockout should’ve only set him back a week or two, so by all accounts Manning should be ready for the season opener. I sincerely hope I am right, but with surgery, you don’t know for certain. I still fully expect Manning to be suited up when we face the Texans. Until we hear the report that Manning had a major setback and won’t be able to play, we should all await with anticipation for his triumphant return. Take this anyway you want to, but I simply take it as the Colts wanting to get a better backup in case Manning is a no go vs the Texans. This in no way suggests that he won’t be ready.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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