Indianapolis Colts vs Washington Redskins, Game in Review

Yeah... Who would've guessed you wouldn't have played well?

The 2nd preseason game went as expected. Players like Dwight Freeney, Jeff Saturday, and Joseph Addai did not see much time. The reason for that is plain and simple, the Colts know what they have in those players. However, the Colts do not know what they have in Joe Lefeged, Adrian Moten, and Kevin Thomas. That is the point of preseason for the Colts. Winning is a bonus, it’s not an objective. They want to see what they have in young/new players, and play the regulars enough to keep them healthy and keep them sharp. Anyway, I’ll break down the Great, the Good, the OK, the Painter Bad…

The Great Drake Nevis – He continues to impress me every time I see him. He is quick, he is strong, and he can be a disruptive force in the backfield. He harassed the Redskins QB’s all night and ended up with a sack or two. Let’s keep in mind he’s playing against guys who likely won’t see significant playing time, or even make an NFL roster. But it sure is an encouraging sign to see him dominating the lower tier guys. I don’t expect him to start this year, but I do expect he’ll be in some sort of rotation. I do fully expect him to fight for a starting job next year, and I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out. Kevin Thomas – I am usually wary to rank corners, because it is usually hard to judge them because you can’t see them in man coverage half the time, but what I saw I liked. He deflected a pass or two, and shut down his wide receiver most of the time. He was also a very solid tackler, forcing a fumble at one point. He seems like a solid cover corner, however, I think he needs to get some snaps against quality WRs to see how he does. So far, he is out playing 2nd and 3rd tier players, and that is a good sign. The Good Kavell Conner – Conner continues to impress fans and coaches alike. He could really be better in pass coverage, but he is really starting to become Session 2.0. Not great in pass coverage, but hits very hard and is very solid in the run game. Now to really become Session 2.0, he’d have to be overpaid by the Jags by about 20 million after a disappointing year. Ricardo Matthews – I still really like this kid. He is a big dude, and has a very impressive motor. Even in preseason, he fights for every tackle, and every little pressure. He is very impressive and might be in a position for a rotation spot soon, and maybe fight out for a starting job in a year or two. Man, do the Colts have some young talent… Delone Carter – Man I really like this guy… It might be early, but he reminds me of a young Maurice Jones-Drew. No telling if he will end up that good, but will not be tackled without a fight. Not to mention he has impressive vision for a young RB, and really just fights for every yard. I expect him to get some goal line snaps and some short yardage snaps this year, probably nothing more unless someone gets hurt. John Chick – I think we found our 4th DE. He was consistently in the backfield and seems like a solid pass rusher. I still find it weird that he was one Canada’s best DE’s in the league, and he didn’t even make an NFL roster last year. I doubt he’ll see any significant time this year though. Nate Triplett – He played pretty well. He made some solid tackles and wrap ups, and was decent in pass coverage. I still expect him to grab the 6th LB spot, he’s battling Moten for it right now. The OK Joe Reitz – I have the same opinion about him. He might get better with more experience, but he seems just about average. He’s not a punishing run blocker or an excellent pass blocker, he’s just OK. Maybe he’ll get better, but I don’t know if he’s the better option than McClendon. He’s just solid all around, nothing else really to say. Tyson Devree – He started off well, but didn’t finish well. He’s a decent blocker and a decent catcher. It’s a battle between him and McNeil for the 4th TE spot, no telling who will get it, and hopefully it won’t matter too much who wins the job. Cornelius Brown – He had some solid tackles, but got beat a few times. It’s between him and Rucker for the 5th corner spot, and I haven’t seen enough of Rucker to give him the job so it’s Brown right now. Jacob Lacey – He got beat a few times but was OK. He seems about the same. He gives large cushions (no idea if by design) and I cringed when he gave up that 3rd and long. Tryon wasn’t really that great either this game so I have no idea who will start. Joe Lefeged – He is an interesting prospect. He actually was a decent punt returner (who knew?) and made a few good stops. He gave up a pass play or two, but he might get that back up safety job now that Brandon King is playing badly. The Bad Curtis Painter – He didn’t turn it over, but he just threw screens and short dump offs all night. Still the best option at backup QB for a number of reasons, but he’s not exactly good… Dan Orlovsky – He’s not making the roster, end of story. Unless Painter gets hurt, this might be the end of his NFL career. At least fans will always have fond memories of him running out of the back of the endzone against the Vikings when he was a Lion… Melvin Bullitt – Missed a tackle by over pursuing on the first big run by the Redskins, missed a few tackles, and allowed the pass that got the Redskins at the 1 yard line their first drive. He has to get better…  

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