Indianapolis Colts Lose to Houston Texans, 34-7

This was ugly. I think most fans were expecting this game to be a loss, but this was just embarrassing. I've been in a depressed enough mood for the last few hours that I'm not seeing anything to inspire optimism at this point.

The Texans moved at will on offense gaining 384 yards on the day (over 160 rushing), with 4 touchdowns (all in the first half). Meanwhile the Colts were stagnant all game, totaling 236 yards on the day. The game was over after the first half.

With the offense and defense stinking up the field, the special teams wasn't helping at all, allowing a 46 yard return on the opening kickoff, then later allowing a 79-yard punt return for a touchdown. Even normally reliable Adam Vinatieri missed a 39 yard field goal in the fourth quarter, the Colts' first chance at getting on the board all day.

Fortunately for what little pride the Colts had left, Ben Tate fumbled on the first play of the next drive, giving the Colts the ball on the 13 yard line. Reggie Wayne made a great catch on second down for a six-yard touchdown, saving the Colts from a shutout.

Kerry Collins looked extremely uncomfortable all game, taking hits from all sides, resulting in two fumbles on the day (one was a fumbled snap). One thing that was nice to see, was that his arm strength still looks very good (accuracy iffy), but his pocket awareness was off all day, and the timing with receivers still needs a lot of work.

The defense doesn't look much improved at this point, but it didn't help that the offense put them in tough situations all afternoon. Adding insult to injury was the injuries to linebackers Gary Brackett and Ernie Sims.

Justin Knox will have a more detailed analysis later today, and I'm going to re-watch the tape later tonight as well. Maybe then I'll be able to have a more clear analysis of the game, and the outlook on the season. But right now, all I can see is the greatness of Peyton Manning. This team is lost without him at this point.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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