Houshmandzadeh? More Like Whocaresmandzadeh

The Twitterverse is swirling with rumors about the Colts signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Whatever. You know what? I’m sick of rumors. The Lockout is over. The major free agents have signed. When nothing was really happening during the Lockout, meaningless rumors were all we had. But now, right now, I want to hear about what’s going on in camp. As a displaced Hoosier (I live in Minnesota), I want to hear others thoughts and observations about the new guys in practice.  That means you, Justin and Sam. Keep up the great work. Besides, Housh only makes the team if two out of the top four receivers miss significant time.  I don’t see a 5th receiver on the Colts roster unless they demonstrate exceptional value on special teams. T.J. did return punts and kickoffs early in his career, but he seems a little long in the tooth to contribute at this point.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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