Horseshoe Around the Web: Jamaal Anderson a Bright Spot

 Once again, there are multiple articles this week that were of interest to me, and I"m sharing them with you, whether you like it or not.

Jamaal Anderson one of the Colts' bright spots on defense  Pro Football Focus has their quick review of Sunday's game against the Browns up, and they list Jamaal Anderson graded at +2.8. Getting positive production from Anderson undoubtedly aided in the Colts' improvement against the run. PFF also gives some love to Robert Mathis, while noting Melvin Bullitt's failures.

DVOA: Colts' offense still bad  While the Colts' improved to 25th overall, five spots up from last week, they're offense and special teams are still awful, dragging down that overall rating. The defense was actually fairly good, grading out at 11th overall. 

Archie Manning: Peyton is in "better spirits" 

"I do not know. I really don't," Archie Manning, who recently visited Peyton in Indianapolis, said when asked if he thought Peyton would play this season. "He was sore after surgery, but he's finally feeling a little better after a week. … He's in better spirits. We'll see what happens."

What?! People fake injuries? IMPOSSIBLE!  As has been reiterated all over the web this week, I find it hard to feel sorry for anybody at this point when it comes to faking injuries. The Colts have seen this several times, and yet somehow the national media never picked up on this story. Shocking.

How much economic impact do the Colts actually have on Indianapolis?  Tyler Watt of the South Bend Tribune makes the claim that if the Colts' left Indianapolis, the economic impact would be little to none. I'm not sure how much I buy that, but whatever.

Mike Chappell answers mail Apparently fans are still wanting the Colts to sign another QB. Don't waste your breath. It would take weeks for another quarterback to become acclimated with the offense, and any of the ones available probably wouldn't do much better, if at all, than Collins.

Mark Titus from Grantland discusses Colts' bandwagon fans  I am actually a fan of Grantland. It's entertaining for me. Best thing associated with ESPN.  

Could Kellen Moore be an adequate quarterback of the future?  Reggie Hayes of the News-Sentinel delves into the question. Interesting analysis on a player who's been out of the spotlight because of Andrew Luck.  

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