Guest Post: Bringing Back the ‘Suck for Luck’ Discussion

While it's not fun to talk about the Colts having the worst record in the league, Coltsider reader Stephen Reed has put together a great piece on what to do should the Andrew Luck situation become reality. Thanks to him for his work on a well-written and thought out contribution.  Andrew Luck will be the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. This we know for certain. He is a once in an NFL lifetime talent, the likes we haven’t seen since, well since Peyton Manning. He has all the tools, intelligence, and determination required to become an elite NFL Quarterback. The question remains though, should a team “Suck for Luck?” The Coltpocalypse is upon us. Peyton Manning isn’t invincible. We’ve gotten a brief preview of life after Manning and, let’s be honest, it’s not pretty. The once potent Colts’ offense is anemic, and the defense isn’t built to play from behind. At the quarter mark of the season, the Colts are winless, along with Minnesota, Miami, and St. Louis and a number of teams at 1-3. It can be assumed that St. Louisis out of the Luck sweepstakes having QB Sam Bradford, a recent number one pick. Similarly, do you think Minnesota will give up on Christian Ponder so quickly? They should for Luck. However, Miami has been in desperate need of a franchise QB since Dan Marino and has Seattle actually ever had a franchise QB? So that begs the question, should the Colts “Suck for Luck?”This team is full of proud veterans, some of which will be playing elsewhere next year, and will refuse to simply roll over. However, if the Colts do “earn” the number one pick and have the luxury of drafting Andrew Luck, they should pass. Well, not pass, but trade. Yes, Andrew Luck is a world-class talent and possibly the next Peyton Manning but in the NFL there are no guarantees. Yes, the Colts would be vilified for trading away potentially the next Peyton Manning. And yes, they may very well regret it. But the last four weeks should have been a major wake up call for Colts fans and the front office alike. The current roster is severely lacking in talent and depth. Whether it’s bad drafting, bad player development, or just bad coaching is tough to say. It’s likely a bit of each. Look at it this way, by trading away the rights of Andrew Luck to a team that is absolutely desperate to get a face for their franchise, see Miami or Seattle, the Colts would receive the proverbial King’s ransom of draft picks and talent. Either of those teams would easily give up their first and second round picks for the next two years and potentially more. Just look at what New Orleans did when Ditka was desperate for Ricky Williams, when Dallas traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings, or more recently, what Atlanta gave up for Julio Jones. Teams that are desperate for a specific player will overpay and overpay dearly. While I can’t say I agree with how the Polians have drafted in recent years, it’s tough to say that they’d miss with every pick. Whoever the Colts trade with would likely have a top seven and most likely a top five pick. It guarantees that OTs Matt Kalil and Jonathan Martin, DE Quinton Coples, QBs Landry Jones and Matt Barkley, or WRs Justin Blackmon and Alshon Jeffrey would be available for the Colts to select with their first pick. And don’t forget about likely second or third round pick Kellen Moore; he runs a “Pro-Style” offense and his accuracy is off the charts. With the additional picks from a trade, the roster can literally be remade over night, not to mention the maneuverability they would acquire to trade for players they covet late in the first and/or second rounds. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, and even harder to think about but if the Colts do get the number one pick in the 2012 draft, they may be better off simply trading away Andrew Luck. So should the Colts “Suck for Luck?” No, no they shouldn’t. But if they “earn” the number one pick, we should be very excited for the future of the franchise, whether its Andrew Luck or not.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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