Great Expectations

Week 1 was an eye opener for Colts fans. Colts fans realized how important Peyton Manning really is to this team, and the answer is simple. He is the team. The team is built around him. The D is made to play from a lead and let their pass rushers go to town on their QB, and the offense is high-powered with great players like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. With Manning, this system can work. It relies completely on Manning, but with him the Colts are a dangerous team that no one wants to play on Sunday. Without him though, the team is a below average team at best. I can almost guarantee it: without Peyton Manning, the Colts will not win a Super Bowl this year. Unless he comes back in two months back to his old self (highly unlikely) and he comes back to a 4-6 win team, then the Colts have no chance. That likely won't happen, and the Colts will not make the Super Bowl this year, and probably not even the playoffs. That being said, what about this season? What can the Colts do to salvage this season? The answer? Nothing. Some have offered trade ideas, such as the Colts should trade for Kyle Orton. Let me tell you, if the Colts trade for another QB, it would be an unbelievably stupid move. For the sake of an argument, let's say that the Colts trade for Kyle Orton. What happens next? Give him a few weeks to learn the playbook, and then what? By the time he's ready to start, Manning might be only a month or two from coming back. The Colts would have traded for an expensive month or two starter. Kyle Orton wouldn't want to stay in Indy after this year. He's a starting QB and there wouldn't even be a competition to speak of between him and Peyton Manning. Orton would also be very expensive player to trade for. He is a starting QB, and the Broncos wouldn't consider giving him up unless it's for a high price. I'm talking at least a second round pick, probably a few more picks after that. The Colts would be trading 2nd and 3rd rounders for a starter for a few months. It makes no logical sense to trade that much for a starter that won't be here next year, and there is no guarantee he will be an improvement over Collins. Overall, there is no quick fix here. It is not as easy as trading for a player and all of a sudden the Colts are playoff contenders again. This is most probably a lost season and the Colts will in all likelihood miss the playoffs. It's amazing the Colts have made the playoffs this often, but everything comes to an end. There is no player or person out there who can reasonably come to Indy and help this team. The only person who can save the Colts is Peyton Manning, and even he can't save us right now. Week one should've been expected with how little time Kerry had. I fully expect it to happen at least two more times this year. Call me a pessimist, but I'm trying to be realistic. The Colts do not have a high-powered offense, or a good defense. I hate this just as much as you do, and I hate to be logical. I really do. But Colts' fans have to be realistic. There's always room for optimism, but you also have to be logical at the same time. The situation is not good, and likely won't get much better. I will still root for them every Sunday/Monday and hope they win, no matter how much they lose. There is always next year though, and that is what I'm most looking forward to.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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A film and numbers guru, Kyle writes about the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts for Bleacher Report, Draft Mecca and The Football Educator, and is a co-founder and associate editor of Colts Authority. Kyle also is a high school sports reporter for the MLive Media Group in Michigan, covering high school sports across the state.