Final Score: Colts 10, Titans 27

A team losing effort today, with turnovers, defensive breakdowns, and special teams failures leading to the final lopsided score.

The Colts had two turnovers on the day, leading to 14 points (Titans had none). They had 10 penalties for 66 yards (Titans had three). The special teams was awful, capped by a blocked punt for a Titan touchdown. And that folks, is your ball game.

The defense, aside from a two minute drive at the end of the first half, played fairly well, much better than the train wreck last week. The offense couldn't move the ball during the first half, but started getting some movement in the second half, but the deficit was just two much.

The offensive line was decent, but if it was healthy right now, this offense would look much better. RT Quinn Ojinnaka left the game in the fourth quarter with an injury, proving once again that Murphy's law is real.

The defensive ends were once again ineffective, as Frathis failed to register a sack. Losing Foster and Nevis has really affected the Colts' ability to create pressure on the quarterback, which has exaggerated the secondary's troubles.

Coaching was again awful, with the biggest gaffe coming early in the second half, as the Colts had a 4th and goal on the two yard line. Of course, Jim Caldwell went for a field goal, despite succeeding in the run game for most of the game and being down 20-0 at the time.

Delone Carter also seemed to disappear in the second half, despite running extremely well all game, gaining 46 yards on just 9 carries. If Caldwell and Co. are not gone by the end of the season, then my faith in the front office will suffer a huge blow. We'll have more analysis up tonight/tomorrow, but right now the Colts look like the front runner for Andrew Luck, and it's not very close.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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