Colts Win Final Preseason Game Versus Bengals 17-13

The Colts won a preseason game! While the game is the most meaningless game of the season, it’s nice to be on the winning end of a game.

The Colts were down 10-3 going into the fourth quarter, but scored two touchdowns in the final period.

Dan Orlovsky threw the game winning touchdown to Taj Smith, who put up a good game despite a few frustrating drops.

Here are my quick thoughts on the game:

  • Jerry Hughes played decently, getting one sack and a handful of pressures. He wasn’t great, but he was good enough. He won’t be getting cut, and rightfully so.
  • Like I said in my halftime notes, Collins looked decent. He looked miles better than Painter, but not great. Of course, he was severely hurt by the terrible OL play and dropped balls, so that’s important to note.
  • Dan Orlovsky played well, but his performance was no reason to vault him over Painter. Danny-O was playing against scrubs.
  • Darren Evans looked very good in the second half. He made some key runs on the Colts’ first TD drive, including the TD run itself.
  • Taj Smith ended up having himself a good game, despite some Garcon-like drops. He ended up with eight catches for 140 yards and a TD. I’d guess that he makes the roster as 4th or 5th receiver, as non of the other young receivers did much to secure a spot.
  • The offensive line played terribly. I don’t know what it was, but they could not run block or protect the passer.
  • Kevin Thomas had the game ending interception, and played pretty well overall. He had some sloppy tackling, but that can be fixed.

Now, we wait for the final cuts to come. Then we’ll have a semi-clear picture of where this team is at heading into Houston.


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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