Colts Hire Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel to be Game-Day Consultant

Per Phil B. Wilson:

#Colts have hired former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel as game-day consultant, coach Jim Caldwell said today. Tressel will be in booth, be replay consultant among other things.

Tressel is best known as coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2001-2011. Tressel coached the Buckeyes to a 94-22 record over the years, becoming the third winningest coach in school history, behind Woody Hayes and John Cooper. That stretch included six conference championships and 5 bowl wins, including 4 BCS bowl wins. Tressel is a good coach, but has been disgraced in the last year due to his memorabilia-for-tattoos scandal. I like the move for Tressel's knowledge, but it sure isn't a good PR move. Tressel is despised by many because of the recent scandal, and it doesn't exactly fit the Colts mantra of hiring "good guys." If Tressel can provide info that translates into better gameday decisions and play, than the move will be a good one. If it doesn't, they'll have brought a whole lot of negative PR onto themselves for nothing.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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