Colts Get First Win Against Titans: 27-13

Great feelings abound within my soul today as the Colts finally got a win. Good play from both sides of the ball, compiled with the Titans being bad, equals a win for the Colts. Quick hitters from today's game :

  • Donald Brown had a huge game with 16 carries for 161 yards, including four runs of 9 or more yards. The big ones were his 39 and 80 yard runs, the latter being the touchdown that iced the game. Brown was great today, and the "bust" label (which never should have been applied) should be completely gone by now.
  • Pat Angerer was a monster all game. Not only did he have 12 tackles, being all over the field throughout the game, but created two turnovers with a forced fumble and an interception. Angerer's been good as the MIKE this year, but this was by far his best game.
  • Kavell Conner deserves mention as well, having seven tackles and providing great run support. Chris Johnson ended with 55 yards on 15 carries, a sub-4.0 YPC. And that included a 35 yard pop.
  • Orlovsky wasn't very good today, ending with just 82 yards on 11 of 17 passes. But he was 3-3 for 33 yards on the Colts first touchdown drive, ending in a great throw and catch for an 18 yard TD to Reggie Wayne.
  • Jacob Lacey played well, with the highlight coming with a pick-six in the third quarter. He played solid throughout the game, with good tackling (12 on the day), although the "Lacey cushion" still remains. I'll have to watch on the re-watch for tackling, but I thought I noticed solid tackling from him throughout.
  • Antonio Johnson did a much better job this week of controlling the LOS, even getting pressure on the quarterback on Angerer's interception.
  • Tyler Brayton is still bad. Jerry Hughes got some pressure on the QB when in, so that was neat, but he needs to finish.

It will be nice to rewatch a win for the first time this year. Feel free to leave suggestions for focus on the film watch. Be happy Colts fans. A win's a win. Go Colts!

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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