Chris Mortenson: Manning Had Surgery This Morning, Recovery 2-3 Months Minimum [UPDATE]

After all the rumors spreading around this morning, and for a few weeks now, Manning's second surgery is now being confirmed by Chris Mortensen, who tweets the following:

Official: Sources say Manning had surgery this am – cervical fusion with 2-3 month minimum recovery.No word on whether he will be put on IR.

Unlike the other sources that have been flying around Twitter and the web, Mort doesn't say something unless it's confirmed.

It's safe to say that Manning has gone under the knife, and won't be playing for the first half of the season. Right now, I'm depressed, so I won't go into detail, but as of now, Manning is expected to come back at some point during the season. Of course, that could change at any point, but that's the current status.

More thoughts to come later, but, the first priority is to keep Manning's safety and recovery on your mind. Hopefully this doesn't threaten the rest of his career. Get well soon Peyton.

UPDATE: Mortensen tweeted this a few minutes ago:

Manning actually just got out of surgery. No plans for injured reserve as doctors monitor fusion result, per sources.

Here is the full report from Mort.

UPDATE: The Colts have released a statement regarding Manning and his surgery.

 As previously stated on Monday, Sept. 5thPeyton Manning has undergone further testing and consultation with several specialists regarding his rehabilitation.  The results of these tests and the consensus of the consultations was that further surgery was warranted.  Peyton has undergone this surgery today by having a single level anterior fusion.  The surgery was un-eventful.

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