Busy Week: Requests?

Unfortunately, this week and next will be pretty swamped for me, with the semester coming to a close. I’m going to be jammed for time, but I’d like to see the posts be as informative as possible.

So, in light of that, I need some opinions.

Do you have any requests for this week? Tape review ideas, article breakdowns, etc.?

Let’s keep it regarding the rest of the season for now, I don’t have the will to devote too much energy to talking about the draft and Peyton right now. Is there any thing that you’d like to see expanded on?


  • How has the running game fared in short yardage situations?
  • How was the impact of Orlovsky made statistically on Sunday?
  • How did the young corners perform on Sunday, was it really scheme or is it a talent issue, or both?
  • How did A.J. Edds perform in place of Angerer?

Please leave some ideas in the comments, as well as taking the poll. Thanks!

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