Blue and White Scrimmage in Review


Today was the traditional blue and white scrimmage between the Colts offense and defense. I (Candlebox) was fortunate enough to see it and first off I have to give it to the Colts for creating a fan friendly training camp. Bottles of water were only 2$, the food was cheap and decent enough, and they had plenty of cooling stations and tents around the area. There were activities like rock climbing, a giant slide, and some football throwing games. The Colts created a family friendly training camp, and it really makes the whole experience worth it. Now just some random thoughts about the scrimmage…

  • First off, it is still amazing that once Peyton Manning walks onto a field he gets a standing ovation, just by walking onto a field. He didn't practice, but he was talking to guys on the sideline at least.
  • Pierre Garcon was Pierre Garcon.. He dropped a TD (which I don't completely blame him for, it was a tough back shoulder catch), and he dropped a 3rd down pass. He of course had some great moments, but could've been better.
  • Austin Collie completely dominated. Nothing else to say but that.
  • Tommie Harris and Ernie Sims seem like solid pickups. Tommie Harris was very good and got solid penetration on a few plays. Sims is a heavy hitter, there was one play where a WR( might've been Heckendorf) was trying to catch the ball, and Sims plastered him and the ball flew out and was caught by Bullitt who returned it for a touchdown. There is an interesting battle between Sims and Conner for the starting WLB spot.
  • John Chick and Bedford had some nice rushes. I doubt they make the team though, we are stocked at the DE position.
  • Justin Tryon and Jerraud Powers were very solid, and both had a few breakups. Jacob Lacey wasn't that good, and he seems to be drawing a lot of DPI penalties.
  • The offensive line was terrible. Starting OL was Diem, Thomas, Richard, Reitz, and Link. No room for RBs at all.
  • Devin Moore impressed me. He was a decent kick returner and had some decent runs. He is one of the fastest guys on the team.
  • Fili Moala was very good, he stuffed a run or two and would've had a sure sack if they could hit the QB.
  • Curtis Painter was good. Painter  didn't make any large mistakes, but Orlovsky didn't play well. Made too many mistakes and tried to force some passes.
  • Lastly, Pat McAfee has one of the strongest legs in the NFL. He was making 60 yard field goals easily, and was booming 60-70 yard punts. Never hurts to have a guy who has one of the strongest legs in the NFL.
Kyle J. Rodriguez

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