Behind Enemy Lines: Colts vs. Buccaneers

This week, Coltsider got to trade some questions with Scott from Thanks to Scott for agreeing to talk with us!

1. Tampa Bay is currently sitting at the top of the NFC South. What do you think their chances are at winning the competitive division this year?

I think they have a very good chance. The Bucs have already beaten the Falcons once this year and they match up well against the Saints regardless of how well each team is doing that year.  There’s another team in this division, but I forget their name now.

2. How are the two rookie linemen, Adrian Clayborn and Da’quan Bowers, doing? What impact will they have on Monday night’s game?

Clayborn is starting at left defensive end and is starting to come on.  You can see improvement every week and he had his first sack this past game.  Bowers has been slower in developing but looked dominant in camp and I think it’s just a matter of time before he gets a real opportunity.

3. Josh Freeman seems like he’s been a bit of a mixed bag so far this season. How is he doing, and do you think he’ll get back to 2010 form, when he had an exceptional season?

Freeman has admitted that his interceptions have been due mostly to decision-making errors on his part.  The good news is that he gets better as the game goes on and saves his best for crunch time.  He and the coaches have addressed the issue and I am confident he has thrown his last pick for the season.  Beware the Championship Hair!

4. What are the Bucs biggest strengths, both on offense and defense?

Offensively, the Bucs have a lot of weapons to choose from.  Williams and Winslow can catch anything thrown their way and Blount can punish a defense if he’s given enough carries.  Freeman drives the car and is on his way to being an elite quarterback.  On defense, I’d have to say Mason Foster is already the best linebacker on the team.  Between him and Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, the middle of the field is essentially closed down to the running game.

5. What are the Bucs biggest weaknesses, again on both offense and defense?

Last week, I would have said the biggest weakness was not being able to score points in the first half, but they took care of that against Atlanta.  So now, I’ll say it’s red zone effectiveness.  Two of Freeman’s interceptions were in the opposing end zone, and that’s just giving away at least three points.  Defensively, they seem to have trouble with dominant receivers.  Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones… big, strong guys with good body control and hands tend to get the best of them.

6. If you had to pick one key player (a player whose play, either good or bad, will affect the outcome the most) for the Bucs on Sunday, who would it be?

Easy, Josh Freeman.

7. What’s your prediction for the game?

Bucs win, 24-10.

Thanks to Scott again for participating, see my answers to his questions here.

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