2012 Mock Draft: Colts Get Lucky

[/caption] The NFL Regular Season is about half-way over and the Colts are currently the worst team in the NFL, hosting a 0-9 overall record. Assuming that our season will progress as horribly as it has so far, the Colts will most likely have the first overall pick the 2012 NFL Draft. This would be the first time the Colts have had a good draft pick in over a decade, and Chris Polian and company would be wise to not bust on them as they have on the last several picks (ie: Jerry Hughes, Donald Brown, ect..). Finding key gems in this draft will be crucial to ensuring that this team doesn't have a tough time rebuilding after Manning and other several key players retire. The NCAA 2011 Season hasn't ended yet, but several players and their draft stock has risen and fallen. However, this is subject to change, depending on how they finish off the season and preform on pro-days and during the combine. So with that in mind, lets not criticize too much when I get every single one of these picks wrong after the season ends. Also, we will receive several compensatory picks for losing veterans like Clint Session and Charlie Johnson, but this mock draft will only project the 7 original picks each team receives. Round 1: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Height: 6-4. Weight: 235. A while back, I wrote a piece on why the Colts should not 'Suck For Luck' but my opinion has changed, and I think it is time to finally get a decent back-up quarterback and start rebuilding for the future. Although may argue that we trade this pick for a king's ransom, players like Andrew Luck do not come around often and we should take him as our new franchise quarterback while we can. Luck may not start immediately, but he will instantly provide the Colts with a solid back-up in case Manning doesn't come back after this season. Even if Manning comes back, the Colts can develop Luck just like the Packer and Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers, which should give us another 10 year window of success, even after Manning retires. Round 2: Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State Height: 6-5. Weight: 293. The key to winning a football game, is by winning in the trenches. The reason for this, is because have a good offensive line gives you a solid running game, and gives the quarterback time to throw the ball. With the Costanzo/Ijalana picks this past draft, I think our future bookend tackles are set, and that all we need to do is improve the interior. Jeff Saturday is on his final year of contract and will most likely retire this off-season, which means we will need a new center, since it is obvious that Mike Pollak is not the answer. By drafting Brewster and reuniting him with his former coach, Jim Tressel, the Colts will be able to develop Andrew Luck the best way possible, with a solid running game and time to throw.. that and him not laying flat on his back. Round 3: Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia Height: 5-10. Weight: 185. Jacob Lacey is not the answer, and Jerraud Powers has been inconsistent this season. Boykin is a solid fit for our scheme, since he is a solid tackler, and has excellent cover-skills. He can play as our slot-corner as well as return kicks. Having a solid secondary will give our defensive line time to get to the quarterback, which is what our entire defensive scheme is about. Round 4: Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M Height: 6-4. Weight: 215. Wayne will most likely not be resigned after the season, and neither will Anthony Gonzalez. This leaves us with Pierre Garcon (who will most likely be re-signed), Austin Collie, and Blair White. Fuller was originally thought to be a first round selection but had his draft stock majorly fall after a bad season filled with drops and mental mistakes. Fuller is still a solid route runner with enormous upside, and could be the red-zone target that Peyton Manning (assuming he comes back) never had. Round 5: Tavon Wilson, SS, Illinois Height: 6-0. Weight: 205. Melvin Bullit may not return in 2012, and we have no other suitable players at Strong Safety. He is a solid tackler and is good in coverage, and could just be what this defense has been looking for ever since Bob Sanders left town. He should provide solid depth and contribute on special teams at the very least. Round 6: Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama Height: 6-1. Weight: 310. Chapman is a solid run-stuffer, that is limited as a pass-rusher. He may not be the 350 pound mammoth we've all want, but he can play solid 1-tech Defensive Tackle and provide depth behind Antonio Johnson (because no one wants to see Dan Muir playing 1-tech again). Round 7: Danny Trevathan, OLB, Kentucky Height: 6-1. Weight: 225. Gary Brackett will most likely be cut at the end of this season, which would mean Pat Angerer will be replacing him full time. Danny is a fourth round talent, but is undersized which is why he will fall to the seventh round. He should be able to contribute on special teams and provide decent depth at the very least. Go Colts.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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