Authors is run by two brothers who love the Indianapolis Colts. We started the site shortly after the Indianapolis Colts’ victory in Super Bowl XLI, mainly as a way to make football last all year long. That really is the dream, isn’t it?

After Peyton finally won it all, Colts fans sat around sort of stunned for about a week. It was the end of the season, but we weren’t angry and depressed. It was weird. Browns fans, some day you too will know this strange feeling. Or not, there’s really no guarantee. Anyway so nothing will ever be the same blah blah blah. I’m not going to go all Bill Simmons circa 2004 on you here.

All you need to know is that 18 to is built around two ideas:

1) Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the game today.

2) Marvin Harrison is the second best receiver of all time.

If you are new to 18to88, here’s some info that will help you:

We are homers. We love the Colts. We hate the Jags and Pats. Don’t accuse us of being homers, because you’ll only look like an idiot for pointing out the obvious. We try to be open and fair minded about things, but at the end of the day, we are Colts fans.

We allow anyone to comment on our blog, but if you want to post negative things about us or the team, you have to leave your name. No one is allowed to troll about without some slight modicum of accountability.

This is a football blog primarily, but we also follow IU, the Pacers, the Reds, and IRL racing religiously. You can expect a heavy dose of all these throughout the year.

We don’t talk politics or religion except when it directly intersects with the game. In fact, we are heavily into both and that’s why we leave it outside. We ask you to do the same.

On occasion, people ask us about the Baltimore Colts. Our rule is simple: Baltimore doesn’t want us, and guess what…we don’t want them either. The old Baltimore Colts have forsworn the horseshoe, so they will get no recognition from us. They don’t exist.

Now that Marvin Harrison is no longer with the Colts, many people (jokingly, I hope) ask us if we are going to change the name of the blog to 18to87 or something similar. Let’s clear that up right now…

NO. Not now. Not ever.

The Manning to Harrison combination is the most prolific in league history. We have been Harrison fans before Peyton Manning was even on a draft board. As dedicated fans of Indianapolis Colts history, we are committed to never let anyone forget how dynamic the 18to88 duo was. Everyone who hangs on to 18 and 88 jerseys will have grateful kids in about 20 years. It’s a classic combo that will retain its significance in Indy for many many years. So, thanks for the question, but no. We are never changing the name.

18to88 forever.

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