Examining Mocks on the Colts 1st Round Pick

The consensus on the Colts 1st round pick is that there is no consensus. With the draft still 3 months away, a pick in the back half of the round, plenty of team needs and an organization with a history of leaking very little draft information that's not a surprise. The countless 2013 mock drafts […]

NFL Draft Profile: Mohamad Sanu

Sanu has an excellent combination of size, hands and physicality that could make him a very effective possession receiver, but a lack of speed hurts his potential. Sanu was extremely productive and versatile at Rutgers totaling over 2000 yards receiving and 600 yards rushing with 21 TDs, some return work and even went 8 for […]

NFL Draft Profile: Kelechi Osemele

Almost to be the first player out of Iowa State drafted in the top 2 rounds in over 20 years (Keith Simms, 37th overall, 1990) and quite possibly the highest since the 70s, Kelechi Osemele has good reason to stand out. A big (6’6″ 333lbs) powerful lineman, Osemele started 43 games in college with the […]

NFL Draft Profile: Alfonzo Dennard

Alfonzo Dennard is a physical corner who excelled in press coverage at Nebraska though struggled when asked to play off in the Senior Bowl. Dennard was a good cover corner in both man and zone coverage in college. Going into his senior season he was considered by some a better prospect than teammate Prince Amukamara, […]

NFL Draft Profile: Rueben Randle

LSU WR Rueben Randle was an effective deep threat with decent production on a team that was very successful, but didn’t feature great quarterback play. Randle had 37 receptions of over 15 yards with 21 of those for over 25 yards in 3 years at LSU. With good size (6’3″, 210lbs) and athleticism he could […]

NFL Draft Profile: Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin is a fantastic QB prospect with rare athletisism, fantastic production and a great arm. However, like nearly all QB prospects, but unlike Andrew Luck, there are questions raised regularly about his ability to be a successful NFL QB. Griffin is far from a finished product which is both a compliment on his massive […]

NFL Draft Profile: Andrew Luck

While the Colts FO has made a point in mentioning both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III whenever they discuss the top pick, the near universal expectation is that the Colts will, and should, select Luck. Luck is compared favoribly not just to the other QBs in this draft class, but to the best QB […]

Peyton Manning’s Contract: Possible Impacts on the Colts

Joe Baker breaks down Peyton Manning’s atypical contract and how it might affect the Colts as the team moves forward.   The biggest off-season question for the Colts is what to do with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Can they coexist? Should they coexist? If not which QB do you go with? The biggest obstacle […]

What Can You Get for the #1 Pick?

Well there’s the obvious, Andrew Luck, but say come April the Colts feel confident they’ll have 3-4 more years of Manning. What could they leverage Luck into? Adam Schefter suggested yesterday that a team could potentially receive 3 first rounders and 2 seconds in exchange for the number 1 overall pick. An impressive haul, but […]

Who is worth a top 10 pick this year?

With the Colts 0-8 at midseason a top 10 pick seems certain, a top 5 pick likely and Indy is on pace for the top pick. But what to do with that high pick? Right now there are 10 players who look like locks to go in the top 20 (assuming the enter the draft) […]

How bad is an 0-16 team?

Only one team in NFL history has gone 0-16, the 2008 Lions. 5 weeks in there are 3 teams still winless, The 0-5 Colts as well as the Rams and Dolphins at 0-4. How talent poor must a team be in order to fail to win a single game in a 16 game season in […]

Colts play Bucs close, but fall to 0-4

The Colts were in the game until a conversion in the final couple minutes. Curtis Painter completed just 13 of 30 passes, but averaged over 20 yards per completion helped by a pair of long runs after the catch by Garçon. The Colts defense had more trouble with LaGarrett Blount than previous runningbacks allowing 127 […]

Colts play the Steelers close thanks to strong D

The Colts defense stepped up big time, allowing the Colts O to keep it close throughout the game. While both Collins and Painter struggled with accuracy the Colts rushed for 97 yards on 21 carries with Addai over 5 YPC. The Colts won the turnover battle 3 to 1, came up with 3 sacks and […]

Colts improved, lose anyway, 19-27

The Colts offense moved the ball regularly, unlike last week, but were unable to find the endzone until the final minute, still had too many drives going nowhere and turned the ball over twice. Indy ran well again with both Addai and Carter averaging over 4 YPC. Collins was greatly improved, but still rough, completing […]

Colts fall 34-7 to Texans

It wasn’t pretty, the Colts turned the ball over inside their own 20 twice in their first three drives and allowed 17 points in each of the first two quarters. In the 2nd half Indy stepped up allowing no points and getting on the board with a Collins to Wayne touchdown. While the Texans were […]

How QBs Age

Great work as always from Advanced NFL Stats. Interesting and encouraging results. Here we see a pattern consistent with what we’d expect. Young QBs gain from experience and possibly from physical development, until a peak age at which the effects of age overcome the added experience. For established 10+ year starters, the peak is at […]

Colts sign DT Tommie Harris

Another trip to the bargain bin for Indy picking up former All-Pro DT Tommie Harris. Harris has struggled with nagging injuries and has been limited in his effectiveness the last couple years, but is only 28. Harris will have one year in Indy to try to return to his previous form.

Colts sign LB Ernie Sims

Indy picked up another former top 10 pick who hasn’t lived up to that status, but is still a useful player, this time in Ernie Sims. Sims started 4 years for the Lions then was traded to the Eagles in a 3 way deal that sent Tony Scheffler and a 7th round pick to Detriot […]

Colts sign DE/DT Jamaal Anderson

Drafted 8th overall in 2007 for his freakish combination of size and athleticism and an excellent final (junior) season at Arkansas despite being a raw product and only putting up one season of high level production in college, Anderson never developed into an impact pass rusher as hoped. The 6’6″ 290lb Anderson did however make […]

Peyton Signs, 5 years, 90million

Peyton was true to his word taking a deal comparable to Brady’s 4 year 72 mil contract rather than taking Jim Irsay up on his offer of becoming the highest paid player in the league.