Following a Legend: Andrew Luck Week 2 vs. Minnesota Vikings

In his second outing things went much smoother for Andrew Luck in his home debut. He was more accurate, decisive, and it is not certain how much of this can be explained by playing the Minnesota Vikings instead of the Chicago Bears.  Regardless, Luck showed everything that made him the No. 1 pick in the […]

Following a Legend: Andrew Luck Week 1 at Chicago Bears

This is the first chapter in what will hopefully be a long story about an Indianapolis quarterback that is trying to follow a legend in Peyton Manning, while facing the pressure of becoming one himself.  This is Andrew Luck; broken down weekly in a way that I hope can set a new standard in football […]

Why the Colts are a 9-10 Playoff Team in the Peyton Manning Era

Scott Kacsmar completes his opus on the historical oddities that make up the Colts’ 9-10 playoff record in the Peyton Manning era. Rather than succumb to the Irsay/Manning soap opera, let’s take one final, in-depth look at the intricacies that have led to the 9-10 playoff record the Indianapolis Colts have in the Peyton Manning […]

Irrational Eli vs. Peyton Postseason Debate Begins

Scott Kacsmar gets an early jump on the irrational “Who’s the best Manning brother in the playoffs?” debate. Must-read history inside. Other than a quick and disappointing exit in San Francisco this Sunday, there is nothing stopping the “Eli is the best Manning in the postseason” media express.   In fact, the train’s already taken […]

Colts: Most Bizarre Playoff Stat in NFL History

Scott Kacsmar looks at one of the most bizarre stats in NFL history, and it just so happens to involve the Colts and the postseason. Since the Colts have practically been eliminated from the playoffs since September, let’s take a look back at the times they were in the postseason.  This week I wrote a […]