Eyes In the Backfield: Colts 20 Ravens 13

Twelve Things We saw in Sunday’s Colts-Ravens Game In the first game of a critical three-game stretch, your Indianapolis Colts prevailed over the Baltimore Ravens in a defensive, turnover-laden slug fest that remained curiously in doubt until the final minute of play. Here’s what we saw. 1. We saw a pass rush. I always try […]

Eyes In the Backfield: Colts 41 Titans 17

12 Things We Saw in the Colts-Titans Game The Colts evened up their season record with a complete dismantling of a division opponent Sunday. Tennessee was simply not up to the contest as Andrew Luck surgically dismantled the Titan defense. Here’s what we saw: 1. We saw the hammer. At the end of the first […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Colts 44 Jaguars 17

12 Things We Saw in Sunday’s Colts-Jaguars Game The Colts hopped up off the mat and joined the 2014 NFL season Sunday with a convincing victory over division rival Jacksonville. Here’s what we saw from the Colts. 1. We saw the team play with purpose. Chuck Pagano got his team ready to play against the […]


Eyes In the Backfield: Eagles 30 Colts 27

12 Things We Saw in Monday’s Colts-Eagles Game Week Two didn’t work out any better for the Indianapolis Colts than Week One did. Indy blew a two-touchdown lead to the Eagles and dropped to 0-2 on the year. Here’s what we saw: 1. We saw Andrew Luck come up short. There is a lot of […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Denver 31 Indianapolis 24

12 Things We Saw in the Colts’ Loss to the Broncos The Colts dropped the season opener in Denver in a game that summed up basically every game of the Andrew Luck era of Indianapolis football. Peyton Manning was there doing Peyton-y things. Luck was there doing Luck-y things. Chuck Pagano was there doing Pagano-y […]

What to Expect 2014: Jonathan Newsome, Andrew Jackson, Ulrick John

On the third day of the 2014 draft, the Colts took two defenders and a lineman. Let’s set reasonable production baselines for these players 2014. (Rather than belabor the point of this series, please just refer back to the first post of 2014, and remember that these are not predictions, but rather baselines by which […]

What to Expect 2014: Donte Moncrief

For the second installment of this year’s What to Expect, we look at Indy’s third-round selection of wide receiver Donte Moncrief. (Rather than belabor the point of this series, please just refer back to the first post of 2014, and remember that these are not predictions, but rather baselines by which we can judge performance). […]

What To Expect 2014: Jack Mewhort

Welcome back to “What to Expect”. Each spring, I evaluate the picks the Colts make, and try to set realistic baselines for player performance based on recent drafts of similar players. Keep in mind that this series does not predict performance. It simply sets reasonable expectations. This allows us to accurately measure if a player […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Patriots

12 Things to Watch in Saturday's Colts-Patriots Game Luck is not left handed! Last week, the Colts shocked everyone by winning a game they were supposed to win, albeit in a way no one expected them to do it. This week, the playoffs continue as they travel to Foxboro, MA, to take on the New […]

Growing Up Before My Eyes

My son, my only son, is seven-years old. God willing, he will live another eighty or ninety years full of football games, of joy and wonder and heartbreak and exaltation. Should he be so blessed, I doubt very highly if he will ever see a better game in his hopefully long and noteworthy life than […]


What to Expect: 2013 Draft Revisited

Every year after the draft, I write one of my favorite series. What to Expect sets historical baselines for each player selected and allows us to evaluate rookie seasons against what similarly drafted players in the past have done. Now that 2013 is in the books, it's time to go back and see how Ryan […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Jaguars

12 Things to Watch For in Sunday's Colts-Jaguars Game The Colts say goodbye to an old friend. Last week, the Colts rose up on the road and landed their first impressive win since before Halloween. This week, they seek to close out the regular season with the final divisional contest of the year against the […]

Who to Root For: Week 16

Welcome to Who to Root For for Week 16 of the NFL season. Each week I break down the schedule in grammatically incorrect fashion. That is, of course, unless you consider avoiding awkward constructions to be the heart of proper grammar in which case this column will be near and dear to your heart. Though […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Chiefs

12 Things to Watch For in Sunday's Colts/Chiefs Game It's not a fat joke, ok? Andy Reid looks like a walrus. I can't help that. Last week, the Colts returned to the winner's circle with a convincing win over the Houston Texans. With just two weeks to go, Indy faces their last big test before […]