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Throwdown Thursday: Blitzpatrick (Colts at Texans)

It’s time for Throwdown Thursday, the most argumentative game preview in all the interwebs.  (And yes, feel free to caption the above ‘photo’ in the comments or via Twitter) Todd Smith: This morning I’ve got a staggering hangover. I didn’t drink but feel absolutely loony about being forced to listen to the media gag themselves […]

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Colts Notebook: Preparing for Watt, Foster, & Fitzpatrick’s Epic Beard

Good morning, Colts fans. I’m sure you’ve been wondering, “Where is the fun, quasi-newspapery greatness that is the Colts Authority Colts Notebook? Has the author gone on vacation, sabbatical, double secret probation?”  Okay, you probably didn’t say that.  In actuality, the day job has been wearing me down (shameless plug, I know), but today, we […]

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Colts Throttle Another AFC South Team, 41-17 over Tennessee

Another Sunday, another game against a division rival with an identical record (going in), and once again, the record is where the similarities between the teams begin and end. The Titans came in on a two game losing streak, playing their backup quarterback, while the Colts had just moved on from a 44-17 beatdown of […]

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Andrew Luck Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Andrew Luck, the NFL’s touchdown pass leader through three weeks, has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week after his 370-yard, 4 touchdown performance against the Jaguars on Sunday. His completion percentage (79.5%) and rating (140.4) were career highs. Yes, we can talk all day about how the Jaguars defense is just awful […]

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Colts Blow the Doors off the Jags, 44-17

  The Colts and Jaguars each came into this game at 0-2, but that, my friends, was the beginning and end of their similarity. Indianapolis had nearly won a game in which they probably should’ve lost and barely lost a game they most certainly should have won. Jacksonville, meanwhile, had been shellacked this season by […]

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Throwdown Thursday: Colts vs Eagles

  Throwdown Thursday is a weekly feature wherein Todd Smith and I look at two different sides of an issue going into each game and then argue and debate with each other until one of us – probably Todd – wins. Last week, the Indianapolis defense couldn’t piece together a complete game, as their second […]