Just a week after destroying the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road, the Colts returned to Lucas Oil Stadium to face another division rival, the Tennessee Titans. Like most people expected, the Colts had little trouble against a team that had Clipboard Jesus as their starting QB but it’s still worth to take a look at […]


After starting the season 0-2 against a couple of really tough teams (Broncos, Eagles), the Colts were now facing the exact opposite of a tough opponent: the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts didn’t disappoint and easily defeated the Glitter Kitties, so let’s get right down to it and see how each unit of the team performed, […]

Week 2 Report Card: Colts vs. Eagles

While everyone talked about how tough this matchup was going to be, there was a lot of confidence entering Week 2 since Andrew Luck was undefeated after losing a game. After enjoying a 14-point lead, it all fell apart thanks to a fumble by one of the most criticized players in this Colts roster. Colt […]

Week 1 Report Card: Colts at Broncos

Finally! The 2014 NFL season is finally back and with it, our weekly report card! While it’s absolutely awesome to have Colts’ football back, it would’ve been better to face a team not-led by Colts’ legend (and quite possibly the greatest QB ever) Peyton Manning in Week 1. While we all knew this was going […]


After an emotional, crazy win a week ago against Kansas City, the Colts were now facing a familiar foe in a hostile environment. The New England Patriots entered the game as the #2 seed in the AFC. Playing against them in Foxboro is always tough and in order to succeed, the Colts needed to, among […]

Wild Card Report Card

Playoff time! Just like they did in Week 16, the Colts were playing the Kansas City Chiefs, this time in the Wild Card round of the playoffs and at Lucas Oil Stadium. What was looking like an embarrassing loss at half time became an epic comeback for the ages. Join us after the jump as […]

Week 17 Report Cards: Colts vs Jaguars

The 2013 Indianapolis Colts (11-5) regular season is in the books. They finished the season on a high note, beating the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12) 30-10. While it's sad to say goodbye to the regular season, it's time to get excited about not only the playoffs, but a Colts home playoff game. But before we start […]



After winning the AFC South in Week 15, the Colts now were looking for a first-round by in the playoffs. They needed a combination of results but of course, it all started with their own game.  They were facing the 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs, a team that still hoped to win the AFC West and […]


Week 15 Report Card: Colts vs Texans

  With the AFC South title already clinched, the Colts still had plenty to play for. A first round bye in the playoffs or a better spot in the AFC was still possible, although they needed some help from those facing the Bengals and the Patriots. Still, the Colts need to win their remaining games, […]

Week 14 Report Card: Colts at Bengals

After a win over the Titans in Week 13, the Colts entered the game with an 8-4 record and a chance to clinch the AFC South. To win the division themselves, they needed to beat the 8-4 Cincinnati Bengals. The match-up wasn’t pretty for the Colts on either side of the ball. The result wasn’t […]


Week 13 Report Card: Colts vs Titans

After an embarrassing 40-11 loss last week against the Arizona Cardinals, the Colts returned to Lucas Oil Stadium to play against division rival. The Colts faced Tennessee Titans. They entered the game with a 5-6 record. Not scary by any means but with the lack of consistency of this Colts team, you never know what’s […]


You would’ve thought that the 38-8 loss at home against the St. Louis Rams was going to be the Colts’ worst game of the season. Guess what. Week 12 was just as bad. This time, the opponent was another NFC West team, the Arizona Cardinals (6-4). After the jump we evaluate the Colts’ offense, defense […]


Week 11 Report Card: Colts at Titans

After a humiliating 38-8 loss at home against the St. Louis Rams, the Colts desperately needed to show everyone that that game was no more than an accident. This time, the Colts (6-3) were facing their division rivals, the Tennessee Titans (4-5), so the Colts not only had the chance to somehow erase the bad […]



The 6-2 Colts were facing the 3-6 Rams. Playing at home, it seemed like the Colts would get their seventh win of the season. Well, not exactly. By now, you probably know what happened and most importantly, how bad it was. So let’s take a look at the Colts’ three units and see how they […]


Week 9 Report Card: Colts at Texans

After a painful (and boring) bye week, the Colts were ready to play some football again, this time against a division rival: the Houston Texans. With a 2-5 record, Houston entered the game as one of the biggest disappointments of the 2013 NFL Season. Still, being a divisional game, it wasn’t going to be an […]


Week 7 Report Card: Colts vs Broncos

Finally, the game we had all been waiting for was here. Broncos at Colts, Peyton Manning's return to Indianapolis. The week before the game was absolutely crazy, it began to feel as though it was Peyton Manning against the Indianapolis Colts – no one else mattered. The play of Andrew Luck, the return of Von […]

Week 5 Report Card: Colts vs Seahawks

Despite dominant road wins in consecutive weeks, it felt like the Colts still needed to prove they were contenders. So after wins against the injured 49ers and the hapless Jaguars, the Colts would have a chance to, in the words of FOX announcer Eric Burkhardt, "legitimalize themselves" by beating one of the best teams in […]

Week 4 Report Card: Colts at Jaguars

Most people expected the Colts to destroy a pretty bad Jags team (those helmets don’t help at all), especially after dominating the 49ers on the road. They were right. After the jump, we'll grade the Colts' offense, defense and special teams, and give you our Players of the Game for both sides of the ball. […]

Saturday snaps to Manning one last time

There were two relevant moments in the Pro Bowl. One, was watching Luck being the best of the AFC QBs and scoring a couple of TDs. The second moment was way cooler than Luck's performance. At least for Colts fans it was.    On Sunday during the Pro Bowl, Saturday, representing the NFC, played center […]

Grigson: “Luck has to get hit less”

One of the biggest problems in Andrew Luck's rookie season was that he played under constant pressure thanks to a pretty bad offensive line. At times, it was really scary to see how much he was getting hit. Luck is a pretty tough player, but every player has his limits (like this guy) and with […]