Hamilton among coaches who might leave Indy

For the first time since he was signed by Detroit, Jim Caldwell is frustrating me again. First, I was excited to see how one of the most explosively awful teams of 2013 would handle The Blinkless Wonder. Then, I was excited to see how Caldwell would fare in his second season without Manning under center. […]

Hayes: Free agent questions for Indy

According to Reggie Hayes, from the News Sentinel, the Colts are currently facing difficult offseason questions: who to resign, who to let walk, etc. While a mistakes will probably be made, Hayes highlights players who are right on the edge. Body language and words seem to indicate Bethea expects to be wearing another uniform next […]

Myers: Polian wanted Luck to play under Manning

A curious article was published by the New York Daily News yesterday, as – according to writer Gary Myers – former G.M. Bill Polian was interested in drafting Luck and keeping Manning before he was fired. Polian, currently working for ESPN as an "Insider" writer, spoke to the Daily News on Wednesday. Polian knew it […]

Andrew Luck conference call, via … New England media

About to head an out-of-town assault on the NFL equivalent of the Death Star, Andrew Luck still found time to address the New England media. Maybe this just plays into my "Reggie=Obi Wan" comparison, but whatever the reason, I thought the interview was interesting. ——- Q: Schemes don’t necessarily change too much with teams from year […]

Kelley: Colts on the road to New England

In an epic rematch, known to Colts fans as 'years of heartbreak made up by one '06 postseason comeback', the Colts will be travelling to play against New England on Saturday. The Patriots, great lovers of home field advantage and overglorified quarterbacks, are part of north-western america – and are therefore (like the rest of […]

Patriots or Broncos? Either way, Colts to be tested

That was fun, right? I'll keep this short, because I'm still slightly shocked after yesterday's … game? What would you call that? My vote's on 'divine intervention' or 'Andy Reid's personal hell', but regardless? Best game of the year. Best performance by Andrew Luck. You get the idea. Anyway, it's midway through the San Diego/Cincy […]

Blackouts an option, as teams fail to sell tickets

This includes Indy, as I'm sure some of you are aware; see, as of yesterday (and I'm assuming, today), the Colts haven't sold nearly enough tickets. It could be the prices — the average price to see Indy is $227.00 — or because we're all on the latter side of a socially-induced commercial smorgasbord; I […]

Colts going with a different o-line, with McGlynn listed as ‘doubtful’

They've played well recently, but Indy's o-line will probably not be playing Mike McGlynn on Sunday. Though they're likely just taking precautions (and hoping that McGlynn will be ready for the playoffs), it means Indy will be starting their 8th offensive line combination this year. The story, by Mike Wells, is on ESPN. “In the National […]

Brooke: Luck’s second year vs. Manning’s second year

As you'd expect, they're actually pretty similar. Still, when comparing Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning – as Tyler Brooke comments – it's difficult to hold them under the same lens. Anyway, the results, as per Bleacher Report, are very interesting (and it's a pretty short read, so go for it). Of course, we have to […]

From the dark side: 10 things Jacksonville must do to beat Indy

Don't worry – I'll delete my browsing history as soon as I'm done – but this week, I've stumbled across an article via about ten things Jacksonville must do to beat Indianapolis. While none of us want this to happen, or think it will (bar a surprise visit from Jim Caldwell), reading the game from […]

Wells: Colts o-line is stepping up, just in time

… in essence, he's correct: the Indianapolis Colts are finally watching their offensive line make some progress. Curiously, most of that might be due to Andrew Luck (more on that in a moment), but according to Mike Wells via ESPN, it's the right time for the line to start gelling. Despite all the mixing and […]

AP: Matt Overton’s Road to the NFL

Matt Overton, as some of you know, is Indy's long snapper. The AP has a story on his path the NFL; from their account, it was anything but easy. He made two stops in the Arena Football League, was cut twice by the Seahawks in training camp and once by the Texans. And when the […]

Indy players all get an X-Box One, direct from Jim Irsay

Maybe it's the number of players on the IR; I've heard it can be hella-boring around this time of year. Anyway, Jim Irsay decided that, for Christmas, he'd get everyone on the team a $500 gaming system (because, you know. He can). The complete story is here, via CBS. Christmas came early for the Indianapolis Colts on […]

Ten guys you wouldn’t want to miss practice … do

Sigh. I guess it's that time of the year. Maybe the odds of Baltimore and Indy winning out are too slim. Maybe they're just playing it safe. But on Thursday, ten players – including Sergio Brown and T.Y. Hilton – missed practice, prompting a "let's use everyone as best we can" mentality. The complete story, […]

Colts: we’re coming to play, says KC Star

It's week 16 – but in a strange way, one 11-3 team and one 9-5 team will be playing for basically nothing. If you don't believe me, a clever little site I frequent – – has the probability of each team's seeding based on record and remaining games. And yes – even with a […]

Colts back in seeding mix, prompts bird jokes

Week 15 was beautiful. Denver, New England, and Cincinnati all lost, so the Colts climbed a game by virtue of Houston; meanwhile, AP writer Michael Marot has a bit regarding seeding, as the AFC playoff picture stands right now. Last Monday, after losing at Cincinnati, the Colts (9-5) appeared to be locked into the AFC's […]