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Good New Tuesday: The Weak Shall Inherit the AFC

I’m taking a different look at football this week. Through watching other teams on the bye, I realized something: there’s a reason to watch every game. Be it major, minor, inspiring, or simply entertaining — and when I looked at Indy’s upcoming schedule, I realize the same. Every game has something exciting in store. The […]


Good News Tuesday: They Are Who We Thought They Were

The Colts were up 17-0 in the second quarter when my brother — who officially wrote off the Colts after Monday Night Football — texted me “wow … Chud’s the man.” A few hours and many unrepeatable opinions of Aqib Talib later, the Colts pulled off their first upset of the season against the undefeated […]

Mathis, via “We have the tools to get it done.”

NFL has a story on DPOY finalist Robert Mathis, who opened up about what he thought of Indy's chances next year. Whether he's slightly biased towards Indy's cause, or secretly knows something none of us do … … anyway, the full article and video, via, is here. Mathis pointed to the growth of young Andrew Luck and […]

Luck vs. Wlison: does the ring change anything?

Not this again. For years, Colt fans watched Peyton Manning get passed over for Tom Brady on the "who's the better quarterback?" discussion, no pun intended … despite playing on a conservative, otherwise-mediocre team with (perhaps) two or three guys on defense that we'll remember ten years from now. I won't even get into this. Mike […]

Bowen: how the heck did Indy beat Seattle?

It's a callback to earlier this season, but one that deserves some mention going into this weekend: Indy, after barely squeaking a single win from Oakland and Miami, went on a two-game winning streak on the road … and then returned home to face the Seattle Seahawks, in one of the greatest games of their […]

Brooke: 6 late-round steals Indy should be looking at

With Indy entering a very … strange … offseason, and with their struggles in last year's draft class, Ryan Grigson has his work cut out for him. The toughest players to sort out in a draft are offensive linemen and defensive backs, and both positions are major concerns for Indy. Tyler Brooke, from Bleacher Report, […]

Luck goes early in the Pro Bowl draft, for those following

Good things happened this year. Robert Mathis had a career year, the Colts – while inconsistent at times – proved that they could play with every team in the league, including both Superbowl teams … oh, and Luck was finally established as the best young quarterback in the NFL. I can say that here, because […]

Five Colts who shouldn’t be back next year

And it's an original list, without omitting too many players. For Rant Sports, David Lewis has five guys who are either too much money, or too many problems, to keep anyway. Kelven Sheppard Sheppard was traded to the Colts from the Buffalo Bills during the 2013 offseason, and his lack of production at the inside linebacker position […]

Luck in Pro Bowl, like he probably should be

I say "probably" because Andrew Luck wasn't really in the top-6 statistically, for any category. His stats this year were actually somewhat underwhelming: 12th in completions, 11th in attempts, 24th in completion percentage, 13th in yards. 15th in touchdowns. Despite that, his play itself – with the Colts, a team with the second most games […]

Vontae Davis, free agent watch

Mike Wells is discussing free agents who might leave Indy this offseason, and while I haven't blogged about much else, this is the time of season where free agents become a serious concern for many teams like Indy. Thankfully, with very few players outdoing themselves this season (see: Colts on the Pro Bowl roster), Indy […]