Coping with Conflict

No, this isn’t a self-help piece for managers at work, or for people in difficult relationships. It’s an admission that I am dealing with a deep-seated football conflict. If you follow me on Twitter, you have undoubtedly noticed this conflict. You have surely seen the conflict play tug-of-war with my loyalties. You’ve probably questioned my […]


Examining Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury situation

What’s Going on with Ahmad? Two weeks ago, Ahmad Bradshaw was the workhorse behind a monster win over the San Francisco 49ers, making 3 catches for 16 yards, and rushing 19 times for 95 yards and a touchdown.  Now, he’s two weeks in to an inactive period, with reports that he will be out at […]


Considering the Role of Player Health in NFL Expansion to Europe

Rumors abound regarding one of the league’s teams – let’s call them “the Shaguars” – relocating to London.  According to Gil Brandt from Sirius XM NFL Radio, the NFL is focused on moving whatever team it may be,  the right way, with as much support and re$ource$ as possible, before continuing to try to expand […]

Luck Won More than Games this Season

He did something, and that’s enough for me. A year ago at this time, I was clinging to my last hope that the Colts would retain the services of Peyton Manning, trade the #1 overall pick, and load up the team with #18 at the helm.  I thought about it daily… hourly… and cried on […]

Colts Waive LB, Sign WR

The Colts announced on Tuesday that they have waived LB Kevin Eagan – who decided to leave the team – and signed free agent WR Kris Adams (Bears, Rams, Vikings).  I know this is a fringe transaction, and will likely be meaningless within weeks.  But with 10 other wide receivers already on the team, and an […]

Thoughts About Season Tickets

A couple of things have come up recently about season tickets that I wanted to respond to. First, much has been made about whether there’s much to make of the recent news that the Colts have yet to sell out their season tickets for 2012. On one extreme are those citing the hiring of Get […]

New Colts’ Twitter Handles

Compiled for your Twittering pleasure are the currently known Twitter handles for the newest additions to the Colts team.  If you know of others, please do not hesitate to post a comment: Player   Twitter Handle Andrew Luck Luck has a $10 flip phone. Enough said. Coby Fleener

New Player Med Check: Colts NT Josh Chapman

Plenty has been written about the measurables, performance and intangibles of the Colts’ new team members. In this series, though, I will focus on their injury history and prognosis for being ready health-wise for off-season activities.         I chose to start with DT Josh Chapman from Alabama for a few reasons – […]

Square in Bargaining: The Colts Wouldn’t Have Won Anyway

Many posts have been written about Colts fans going through the stages of grief as we transition from the Manning era to the (presumed) Luck era. The notion is that with any loss, people go through some period of shock, denial, bargaining, acceptance, etc., until they can finally accept the change. There’s a little denial […]

Why the Colts Are Unlikely to be Big Free Agent Players

As free agency starts, and fans everywhere are hoping that “their” team signs “that” guy, I reflected on what the Colts may do in free agency.  With the release of Bill and Chris Polian, the Colts may well change their philosophy with respect to flirting with free agency.  Ryan Grigson, who was part of the […]

Watching Manning: Something Doesn’t Add Up

Something doesn’t add up. Frankly, a LOT has not added up for weeks, and perhaps I continue to be in denial that Colts’ QB Peyton Manning will likely be released within the next 2 weeks. But the latest news is among the strangest. GM Ryan Grigson and head coach Chuck Pagano were both interviewed at […]

Noodle Arm or Laser Rocket Arm?

The truth is probably somewhere in between, and until I see video proof to the contrary, I’m still betting that it’s closer to noodle than rocket.  For clarity’s sake, the question we’re discussing is how much strength Colts QB Peyton Manning has regained since his most recent neck surgery.  To say there has been conflicting information […]

Manning Watch 2012: Are the Tides Turning?

The moves made by Jim Irsay thus far this offseason point toward the Colts rebuilding after one of its worst seasons in recent memory.  Irsay fired the GM and much of the coaching staff, hired a defensive-minded coach, and has repeatedly beaten the “new era” mantra into our heads through press conferences.  He’s talked about […]

Lessons Learned from Manning: A Guide to Being the Colts QB

I have finally come to grips with the realization that Peyton Manning will not likely be playing for the Colts – if anyone – next year. It has taken me several months to get here. Even after news broke of his 3rd surgery last September, I was calculating the earliest possible return to practice (mid- […]