NFP Playbook: All-22 Review of Luck’s TD Pass to Beat the Packers

The National Football Post‘s Matt Bowen broke down Andrew Luck’s game winning touchdown to Reggie Wayne using the NFL’s All-22 footage.  Bowen explained the offensive and defensive formations, routes, and coverage on the play and showed why the play was successful: – Where is the inside help from the Mike and FS? Look at Luck […]

Dunlevy’s Indianapolis Colts’ State of the Union: Quarter-Season Review

Hi Colts Fans, we have some great links for you today.  The Colts State of the Union from Nate Dunlevy over at Bleacher Report covers the first quarter of the 2-2 Colts’ season.  Nate reviews what has gone right and what looks concerning as the Colts move forward, then gives a “glass half full” and […]

Kacsmar: Andrew Luck’s Elite 2-Minute Drills Give Colts Fighting Chance

Over at Bleacher Report, Scott Kacsmar says Andrew Luck’s sucess in 2-minute drill situations is the skill of an elite quarterback.  Kacsmar then gives some insight into each of Luck’s 2-minute situations and compares him to other quarterbacks like Roethlisberger and Manning in their rookie years.  And why, you ask, is Luck’s QBR ranking so […]

Brunner: With One Win, Colts May Have Transformed Season

Like many others this week, Conrad Brunner, an excellent writer, examines the Colts’ possibilities of greatly exceeding expectations, or even a run at the playoffs (Playoffs?) Indianapolis does have some potentially good matchups on the horizon that have us all, including Brunner, a little giddy.  However, Brunner tempers these hopes with some realism to help […]

Hilbert: Luck in the No-Huddle, and His Best Play According to Arians

Evan Hilbert’s Colts Notebook over at this week focuses on Andrew Luck’s command of the no-huddle, a rarity among rookies.  Hilbert goes over some upcoming matchups that look winnable and recounts the flurry of moves at the bottom of the roster this week.  He also has something from Interim Coach Bruce “B.A.” Arians that […] Video: Breaking Down Luck’s Game Winning Drive posted a video in which Brian Baldinger of and the NFL Network analyzes Andrew Luck’s 13 play 80 yard game winning drive, in the Drive of the Week segment.  Baldinger gets out the telestrater and takes a closer look at routes, protection, coverages, and of course, Luck.  If you didn’t already watch it […]

Captain Comeback Week 5: Colts Score Season’s Biggest Comeback

In his Captain Comeback Week 5 column for Cold Hard Football Facts, Scott Kacsmar details the Colts’ comeback victory in his Drive of the Week, along with a compendium of all other 4th quarter NFL comebacks from Week 5. Scott touches on Reggie Wayne’s persevering effort to carry the team from the wide receiver position […]

5 Reasons Why the Colts Can Make the Playoffs

So I had this idea last week to write an article giving five reasons the Colts could still make the playoffs (Mr. Editor can confirm, lest you think this is a reactionary piece following an emotional victory; I’m above such things of course), but on that Monday we were informed of Coach Pagano’s diagnosis and […] Sounds of the Game Video From Colts v Packers

Colts Authority Daily Links The Indianapolis Colts have recently become one of the frontrunners in bringing a behind the scenes look to the the fans through everything from Facebook and Twitter, to their innovative use of Instagram, to their #CHUCKSTRONG campaign and actually showing this amazing YouTube video of Pagano (or more likely the ESPN […]

More Grades: Colts Report Card From CBS Sports

Colts Authority Daily Links Evan Hilbert of gives his postgame unit-by-unit grades of the Colts after their big win over the Packers.  In pleasant contrast to what we saw in weeks 1 and 3, almost everyone earned high marks, from the coaches to the defense to Donald Brown:  Running back Donald Brown was solid, too, behind a […]

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie – Bob Lamey Colts Midday Update Audio

Bob Lamey, the voice of the Colts gives a very upbeat Colts Midday Update today on 1070 The Fan.  Bob has excerpts from Reggie Wayne, Jim Irsay, and Andrew Luck, who said of Reggie: “Reggie Wayne is, he’s the best football player I’ve ever played with, and I’m very blessed, fortunate to be on the […]