Monday Morning Moaner: Colts at Jaguars

11.3 That's the Average First Round Draft Position for the Jacksonville Jaguars between 2003 and 2012, including trades. 7   That's the number of top-10 draft picks the Jaguars have had in that same time period.   Since 2003, the Jaguars have drafted 7th, 9th, 21st, 28th, 17th, 8th, 8th, 10th, 10th, 5th. Here is […]

Colts Authority Radio Post Game Wrapup, Colts at Jaguars, Week 4

The Colts squeaked by the Jacksonville Jaguars 37-3 to move to 3-1 on the season. We'll break it down live at 4:30pm ET. We hope to hove more listeners than EverBank had fans. Listen to tonight's show by clicking HERE!   Also follow us on Stitcher: The number to call in is (619) 996-1632 Notes […]

This Week in 1st-and-Crown

Ah, the sweet memory of being 1-1. So wonderful, so fleeting. Colts Authority's ragtag band of football players put up a whopping 50 points as they fell to "Patriots Life" 64-50 in their Week 3 showdown. One of the dangers of drafting two bad (fantasy) players to "stream" at a position is that, well, they're […]

Breaking down the Colts’ Big Win at San Fransciso and Previewing Colts at Jaguars Week 3 with Colts Authority Radio, Live at 8pm ET

On tonight's episode, Kyle, Rohan and Greg take a look back at the Colts 27-7 domination of the San Francisco 49ers. Where did THAT come from? Who had the day's best performances? And who is still Erik Walden? After the breakdown, we turn our attention to Sunday's key match-up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts […]


Does a Strong Passing Game Help you Run the Ball? Part I

Last week, when the Colts traded for then-Browns' RB Trent Richardson, social media was abuzz with debate on the winners and losers of the trade. One of the most interesting arguments centered around just how good Richardson was with many people noting his lifetime yards-per-carry (ypc) average of just 3.5ypc. The most common reply to […]

Monday Morning Moaner: Colts at 49ers

There's plenty to moan about following the Colts' 27-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers that dropped them to 1-2 on the season. With that loss, the Colts now trail both the Titans (who notched a come-from-behind win against the Chargers) and the Texans (who narrowly lost to the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens). […]

First-and-Crown Fantasy League update, Week 2

When we last left you, Colts Authority was sitting with an 0-1 record, a crappy roster, and a liquor cabinet full of whiskey. Well, two out of three are still true. While our roster still stinks and our liquor cabinet is still full, we were able to secure a win over an even-stinkier roster, with […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Colts at 49ers, NFL Week 3

  [Editor's note: this article was written before the Trent Richardson trade. There will be many words written about that trade. Absolutely none of them will appear in this article]   It was recently brought to my attention by a fine lad of great repute that one could not be a Colts fan while simultaneously […]

Monday Morning Moaner: Colts vs Dolphins

Yesterday's game provided a lot of fodder for the complaint folder: the offense continues to rely heavily on the fullback, the Colts once again acted like a 3-point lead at the start of the 3rd quarter was an insurmountable lead, and the defense went from bad to good to bad faster than seasons 2, 3, […]

Colts Authority Radio Post Game Wrapup, Colts vs. Dolphins, Week 2

The Colts fell to the Dolphins 24-20 to move to 1-1 on the year. We'll discuss the game in-depth. Join us live at 4:30pm ET. Woo. Listen to tonight's show by clicking HERE!   Also follow us on Stitcher: The number to call in is (619) 996-1632 Notes on how to call in with Skype: […]

Colts vs. Dolphins Discussion Thread

The Colts travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the Dolphins in this Week 2 Showdown of AFC Playoff Hopefuls! Will the Colts be able to overcome the losses of TE Dwayne Allen and RB Vick Ballard? Will the Dolphins be able to overcome being the Dolphins? Tune in to CBS at 1pm to […]