Who to Root For: Week 14

There are just four games left in the 2011 season. The Colts are comfortably in the driver’s seat for the first overall pick. If they finish tied with the Vikings or Rams for the worst record, the tiebreaker will be worst strength of schedule. That means you root AGAINST teams the Colts have played, and […]

Eyes in the Backfield-Ravens

Six Things to Watch for in Sunday’s Colts Ravens Game Orlovsky is going to have to worry about sacks this week. Last week the Colts beat expectations (and the spread), but ultimately still lost their 12th straight game. This week, it’s another rivalry game with the Ravens. Assuming you still tune in on Sundays, here’s […]

Thursday Open Thread: Lucky, Lucky, You’re So Lucky

Here’s today’s Open Thread. Topics of discussion include: How good would Manning and/or Luck have to be to justify keeping either one? Reader Bob Mangino tried to guestimate some numbers. Think about the problem like this: regardless of which side of the Luck/Manning divide you sit, how could would the other have to be before […]

The Colts Must Relax Their Media Policy

No one likes a loser. We, or most of us, are Americans after all. It’s our God-given right to be front runners. When a team hits 0-12, it’s only natural that the local media will be hard on them. While the fans have been remarkably patient this season, many of those who cover the Colts […]

Tuesday Open Thread: Other Ways to Skin A Cat

Welcome to today’s open thread. Here’s some fodder to get the ball rolling and the metaphors thoroughly mixed: Wow. Just…uh…wow. I think this piece by Kravitz is almost unintelligible nonsense. I’m not going to ask you to come up with a better halftime act for the Super Bowl than Madonna, there would be no end […]

Amoral Victory

Morality is coupled to temptation. They are inseparable. To do or feel or be the right thing is never easy. The Wrong crouches at the door, waiting to reach out and devour those who come too close. Its tentacles reach beyond the threshold, stealthily waiting to pull in the lazy, the weak, the stupid and […]

Don’t Forget: Radio and Book Signing

Just a reminder: I’ll be signing copies of Invincible, Indiana this Saturday night in Fort Wayne. We’ll be at Buckets from 5:00-6:30. The address is 6282 W Jefferson Blvd. I’ll also have copies of Blue Blood for sale as well. Stop by and say hi! Also, around 4:00 I’ll be on with Jersey Johnny on […]

Who to Root For: Week 13

The Colts are two games up on the Vikings and Rams for the #1 overall pick. Currently if all three teams finished with two losses, the strength of schedule tiebreaker looks like this: Colts: 95-81 (.540) Vikings: 102-74 (.580) Rams: 103-76 (.575) So the Colts have a healthy leg up. Here’s who to root for: […]

What Peyton said

Sounds a lot more positive than I feared, but still doesn’t sound like he’s coming back any time soon. Are you not at least on sked, if not ahead? “There is no schedule. Never has been. That’s one things that I think I’ve made clear from the get-go: there is no timetable on this thing. […]

Eyes in the Backfield-Patriots

Six Things to Watch for in Sunday’s Colts Patriots Game Who is this man and why is his picture here today? Guess right in the comments section and win a prize. Last week, Curtis Painter ruined our day. This week, the Colts turn to Dan Orlovsky to face the mighty Patriots. Well, you pretty much […]