Eyes in the Backfield – Bears

12 Things to Watch for in Sunday’s Colts-Bears Game Come on now! That’s not so scary is it? This year’s Eyes in the Backfield will be a collaborative effort with Kyle Rodriguez and Todd Smith. Should be fun so without further delay here’s our 12 (that’s right folks) tips for you this weekend: 1. Watch […]

Wins for Christmas, Let’s be Glad

Since it’s Christmas, let’s be glad Even if your life’s been bad There are presents to be had They won. In the span of three minutes in the third quarter, the Colts emerged from their long winter’s nap. Dan Orlovsky finished off a touchdown drive with his only good throw of the day, but what […]

Colts-Titans Open Thread

Here’s today’s Open Thread for the Colts Titans game. I’ll be on Be sure to check out our Gameday Follow List for the other writers, as well as the best local and national voices. Go Horse!

Where Barnwell Went Wrong

Many have asked me to respond to Bill Barnwell’s piece in Grantland about the Colts. Most of it has been addressed on this site before, but I wanted to give a cliff-notes style response to his specific arguments. Barnwell is one of the best NFL writers around, and one of my absolute favorites. This was […]

Who to Root For: Week 15

With three weeks left, the Colts hold a lead in the strength of schedule tiebreaker in the event they win two games and wind up tied with the Rams and Vikings for the worst record in football. As of now, the strength of schedules look like this (calculated for the entire season’s schedule, worst record […]

Eyes in the Backfield-Titans

6 Things to Watch For During Sunday’s Colts Titans Game Tread carefully, Jake. Last week, Dan Orlovsky returned to earth and the Colts were waxed by the Ravens. This week division rivals the Tennessee Titans come to town. With only three chances left to win a game, can the Colts pull it off? Here’s what […]

Nate Talks to Titans Blogs

Yesterday, I ran my interview with Tom Gower. Over on Total Titans, he has the questions he asked me. Oh, and my answers too. On, I talk to Zach Law about Sunday’s game. Site note: Eyes will be up later today. Enjoy!

The Last Time The Colts Were 0-13

Today’s post is brought to you by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts. It’s available at many retailers, but if you want a signed copy, be sure to order from me directly soon. You can get it at a discount together with Invincible, Indiana. Order today to get it by Christmas, or […]

What Polian really said about Pat McAfee

Wow, talk about your non-stories.   That’s one thing we have to do, run the ball better, protect better, block for the run better and be a little more patient with the running game.  We have that.  We can run, there’s no question about that.  Joe (Addai) had a good day.  Brownie (Donald Brown) had […]

Tuesday Open Thread: What If?

Here’s your open thread for Tuesday: What if the Colts had gone undefeated in 2009? Obviously it would make this season all the more ironic. But would the Packers run dampen it? The argument at the time was that going undefeated was this impossible task and a once in a generation thing. Funny thing is […]

Peyton is R2

If you’ve ever read any of the Timothy Zahn books in the Heir to the Empire or Thrawn series, then you are a huge geek and some one I respect. One of the details in those books is that Luke never has R2D2s memory wiped. Apparently, memory wiping is a normal and healthy process for […]


Like a cannon ball through your suburban window, it’s time to shatter some myths. I mean, you can’t honestly expect me to talk about yesterday’s game, can you? There’s a popular refrain in some quarters these days that the Colts 0-13 start proves that Peyton Manning was the only good thing about the Colts for […]

Who to Root For: Week 14

There are just four games left in the 2011 season. The Colts are comfortably in the driver’s seat for the first overall pick. If they finish tied with the Vikings or Rams for the worst record, the tiebreaker will be worst strength of schedule. That means you root AGAINST teams the Colts have played, and […]

Eyes in the Backfield-Ravens

Six Things to Watch for in Sunday’s Colts Ravens Game Orlovsky is going to have to worry about sacks this week. Last week the Colts beat expectations (and the spread), but ultimately still lost their 12th straight game. This week, it’s another rivalry game with the Ravens. Assuming you still tune in on Sundays, here’s […]