Who would you rather see beat Brady @ the Superbowl?

We have the possibility of being geographically close to 50K Patriot fans who are crushed again after another Superbowl loss.  I for one wouldn’t rub in their face at the Indy Airport right after. Sarcasm.   Who would you rather see beat Brady?  Eli Manning or Jim Harbaugh?  

In an otherwise dismal Colts season, here’s something to be proud about

I know this doesn’t absolve Coach Caldwell for the mistakes he’s made with the Colts this season, but I thought I’d share this little tidbit from Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback article that was published today. King talks about referee Tony Corrente’s story this season and his new struggle with cancer. Throughout the season, he’s […]

We’re all looking offense but we should be thinking defense.

The tumultuous events of the last few days have raised more questions than we have answers to. Will Peyton Manning be healty enough to play next year? Or even at all? Will Jim Caldwell remain as the HC? Or will he take another position in the franchise? Or will he be let go completely? Will […]