CA Charting Project: Reviewing free agent C Evan Dietrich-Smith

As you certainly know by now, on Thursday the Colts finally, mercifully, released Samson Satele. The timing of the move was a bit surprising, since there was no real incentive to cutting him now rather than after they had signed a replacement. He must have been pretty lousy, huh? Let’s have a moment of silence […]


CA Charting Project: Reviewing free agent C Brian de la Puente

Most analysts have Brian de la Puente as this year’s second- or third-best free agent center, depending on how they feel about Evan Dietrich-Smith. For this, the second of a three-part series examining the top centers on the market, I put de la Puente under the microscope. I charted four of his games, including the […]


CA Charting Project: Reviewing free agent C Alex Mack

When free agency opens on March 11, the Colts will have almost $38 million in cap space, per That amount could climb to about $42 million if they release Samson Satele, who, as we all know, isn't very good. Since the coaching staff was strangely reluctant to use 2013 fourth round pick Khaled Holmes last […]


CA Charting Project: Offensive Line Season in Review

Ten offensive linemen took snaps for the Colts’ offense in 2013. By my count, they attempted 5,760 blocks. Below are the results of my efforts to chart their successes and failures across those 5,760 blocks. It was a lengthy process, which is why you haven’t heard much from me in the past month. I hope […]


CA Charting Project: Offensive Line Charting, Divisional Round

This will come as no surprise, but it wasn’t a banner day for the Colts’ offensive line. Though four linemen were in the 90s in pass-blocking percentage, the usually dependable Anthony Castonzo endured a howler, checking in at 82%. And while Castonzo and Gosder Cherilus both finished an excellent 18/20 in run blocking, the interior […]


CA Charting Project: Offensive Line Charting, Wild Card Week

The Indianapolis offense exploded for 45 points last Saturday in what I’ve decided is my third-favorite game of the modern Colts era (1998 on), a 45-44 Wild Card win over the Chiefs. The last time Indy scored 45 points? November 26, 2006, in a 45-21 win over the Eagles. Rocky Boiman and Cato June both […]


CA Charting Project: Offensive Line Charting, Week 17

As you may already know if you read Grantland’s Bill Barnwell, momentum in football is an iffy concept (see here for Barnwell’s insightful treatise on the subject). Generally speaking, teams win and lose because they play well or poorly, regardless of any vague notions of being hot or cold over some arbitrary length of time. […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 16

Last week, I grumbled that the Colts produce only 2.29 running plays per game in which the offensive linemen, tight ends and backs all succeed in their blocking assignments. In this week’s 23-7 shellacking of the Chiefs, Indy had only three such plays. Two were a 5-yard run by Donald Brown and a 6-yard run […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 15

Despite another shuffle in personnel, the Colts’ offensive line turned in its second straight exemplary game in pass protection in Indy’s 25-3 win over the Texans on Sunday. Andrew Luck was sacked twice, but one was by an unblocked rusher and the other came when Luck tried to scramble and wasn’t the line’s fault. All […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 14

Somewhat lost among Jeff Triplette’s ongoing incompetence and another turd of a game by the Colts’ defense on Sunday was the offensive line’s best performance of the season by a wide margin. Andrew Luck was not sacked for the first time since week three of 2012. That’s right, the last time Luck went through a […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts Offensive Line, Week 13

I would love to have a nice, clean answer as to why the Colts’ line looked so competent during their 92-yard march to the game-clinching touchdown after they galumphed their way through their first 11 drives and managed only five field goals. I watched those plays over and over, trying to figure out some wrinkle […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 12

I sat myself down to chart the Colts’ miserable 40-11 loss to the Cardinals thinking I was in for an unpleasant task. When I watched the game live, I thought the offensive line had one of its worst games of an already awful season. But as was the case with the Rams game a few […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 11

After the Colts’ 30-27 win in Nashville on Thursday, a number of recaps said Indy’s offensive line stiffened in the second half after a rough first. Right tackle Gosder Cherilus, who had a terrible first half, did get better in the second, but all four other blockers actually had worse second halves by percentages. They […]


CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 10

Games like this do not lend themselves to measured responses. It’s much easier to rant and rail about what a shameful performance it was than it is to take a careful look at what happened and why it happened. I’m as guilty as anyone; I was ready to mail in the season Sunday afternoon. But […]

CA Charting Project: Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line, Week 9

This season, Colts Authority is launching a game charting project involving staff members and volunteer readers in an attempt to gather as much data as we possibly can to continue to pass as much accurate, valuable information on to you, the reader. This is the first part of this project, in which Colts Authority reader […]