Abridged All-22: Masking Poor Coverage & the Peyton Prism

Heading into the game with the Seahawks, the Colts defense found itself in a fairly strange place. Lauded by most due to above average performances against the 49ers and Jags, the game against the Seahawks offered a true barometer as to where the unit is from a league-wide context. Pain on the ground was always […]

All-22: Defense, Week 3 vs 49ers.

Where on earth did that come from? After mediocre defensive performances against the Raiders and Dolphins, the Colts defense was primed for a shellacking last weekend in San Francisco against a dangerous offense incorporating the dual threat of Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore at QB/RB. In the event, the Colts held the Niners to 254 […]

All-22: Defense, Week 2 vs Dolphins.

The primary issue with the Colts as a team last year was ineptitude on defense, and the inability to sufficiently provide turnovers and field position for the surprisingly proficient offense. Clear weaknesses at S; CB; OLB were supplemented by concerns over quality at ILB and on the DL. To redress this situation, the Colts had […]

All-22 Review: Defense, Week 1

New season, same old problems.  Entering the game with the Raiders on Sunday as clear favourites, the Colts were expected to deliver a convincing performance. Each and every Colts fan wanted to see a continued improvement from Andrew Luck, while the defense was expected to prove itself as a suitable complement to the dynamic offense […]

An All-22 Examination of Ricky Jean-Francois

With the Colts' 2012 Draft now in the books, it's time to continue assessing the recently acquired personnel with a breakdown of Ricky Jean-Francois, the free agent DL signed to a 4 year, $22m contract. On the face of it, the acquisition makes sense – Chuck Pagano is an avowed fan of the trenches and […]

Free Agent Examination – WR Darrius Heyward Bey

I haven't been particularly enthralled by the Colts' activity in Free Agency. I had in mind a list of potential players who I'd hoped Ryan Grigson would pursue, which unfortunately didn't seem to correlate at all with what the Colts FO were thinking. Instead of marquee proven production, the team opted to slightly mitigate the […]

Free Agent Examination – S LaRon Landry.

Our look at the Colts' free-agent acquisitions continues here with a breakdown of LaRon Landry – signed to a 4 year, $24m deal last week, subsequent to the signings of the first day. Along with Greg Toler and Darius Butler, Landry is tasked with providing solidity on the back end and appropriate accompaniment for Antoine […]

Free Agent Examination – CB Greg Toler.

One of the earlier Colts moves on Tuesday evening was to sign former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Greg Toler to start the rebuild of the defensive backfield – a unit which descended to atrocious levels of play last year. He signed a 3-year, $15m deal to in theory join Vontae Davis as a starter. In keeping […]

Free Agency Developments

In light of the Free Agency period starting next week, the following is a run-down of recent developments in the FA market. I've concentrated on the three main areas of need for the Colts – OL; CB; WR. With the deadline passing on Monday for teams to use the franchise tag, the picture became clearer […]

Five Plays in Free Agency – WR Mike Wallace

Having assessed the worth of Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings in the past fortnight, it's time to turn my attention to the final member of the feted WR trio of free agency, Mike Wallace. Anyone even slightly familiar with Wallace's game would describe him as a deep-threat speedster, a role in which he was most […]

Five Plays in Free Agency – WR Greg Jennings.

Having started examining potential free agent additions with wide receiver Dwayne Bowe a week ago, i've opted to continue in the same vein by putting another receiver – Greg Jennings – under the microscope this week. Out of the lauded trio of Bowe, Jennings and Wallace, Jennings is my personal favourite by some considerable distance. […]

Five Plays in Free Agency – WR Dwayne Bowe.

Heading into this period of free agency, Colts fans have been consistently tossed three names with regard to upgrading the offense – Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace. When looking at our receiver depth last year, any one of the three would seem to be a real upgrade – but are they worth the contract […]

The Colts’ unique situation heading into Free Agency

With the Superbowl wrapped up and the 2012-13 season now in the books, it's time to look ahead to the future, and in particular, free agency. The $46m figure has been thrown around regarding the Colts' cap space, and as such it's bound to be an exciting time to be a Colts fan. I'd argue […]

Flags in the Backfield.

Each Sunday, I find myself in a state of confusion. A perfect hit will be delivered in the defensive backfield, and for a second all will be well. Then, the inevitable. A cascade of yellow fabric, and 15 yards for the offense. It's become ever more frequent with the increased focus on player safety from […]

Colts Offseason Outlook – Should the Colts re-sign CB Jerraud Powers?

Taking a leaf out of my colleague Todd Smith's book – after his breakdown of whether the Colts should keep Donnie Avery – it's time to consider free agency. In this case I'll alternate the focus to the defense, and specifically pending free agent cornerback Jerraud Powers. The Colts woes in the defensive backfield have […]

2012 Defense: Year In Review

Well, that was a fun ride. The Colts' miraculous journey to the playoffs ended in a fairly comprehensive victory by the Ravens last week in Baltimore. The young Colts team which had rose up against all-comers reverted to their true talent level, and as a result it wasn't a particularly enjoyable game for the spectator. […]

All 22 Analysis – Colts Defense, Week 17 – Texans.

Sunday's 28-16 win over the Houston Texans was the perfect end to a great season from a Colts fan perspective. This was the game where the Colts truly put it all together – a consistent product on offense, defense and special teams resulted in a convincing win over our main rivals, putting a severe dent […]

All 22 Analysis – Beating the Bootleg

Despite the Colts' slide to a fairly unremarkable defeat on Sunday afternoon, there were a few positives I took from the game. Firstly, the improved showing against Arian Foster – in the first half when the game was closer, at least. Secondly, the Colts running game on offense, where Vick Ballard looks like a legitimate […]

Drunk Driving & the NFL.

900 feet. Two words which have stuck with me over the past couple of days, in relation to the distance travelled by the vehicle inhabited by Josh Brent and Jerry Brown on the early hours of Saturday morning. I can't begin to appreciate the scale of the carnage both in material terms on the scene […]

All 22 Analysis – Run Defense, Week 12.

After watching the demoralising defeat to the Patriots a couple of weekends ago, I wasn't in any particular mood to write. The sobering recalibration of expectations had me on a bit of a downer, and facing the rest of the season with the spectre of the demolition wasn't a great thought. It still lingers in […]