Update: Jim Irsay Charged with Four Felony Counts of Possession

The phrase that’s all over the news right now: Jim Irsay has been charged with four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.  Police pulled Mr. Irsay over around 11:40 Sunday night in Carmel around 131st and Horseferry Road (from FOX59).

According to the Fox 59 report:

The investigating officer “performed a DRE evaluation on Mr. Irsay…(the officer) concluded the results of the evaluation to be Mr. Irsay is intoxicated with CNS depressants.”

CNS depressants are a class of drugs that includes tranquilizers and sedatives. Some examples are benzodiazepines (marketed commercially as Xanax and Valium), non-benzodiazepine sleep aids (Ambien or Lunesta) and barbiturates (Luminal Sodium, Nembutal).

Police found “multiple prescription drugs in pill bottles” in Irsay’s vehicle. The prescription drugs were “not associated with any prescription bottles found in the vehicle.”

Irsay submitted to a portable breath test, which showed a reading of 0.01, court documents said.

Irsay has dealt with addiction very publicly before.  Many people with chronic pain or recovering from surgeries are at risk of chemical dependency and prescription drug abuse (see: Favre, Brett).  It sneaks up on people, and it becomes a lifelong battle. 

Most of us know someone with this type of problem, and we know that people with addictions are at war with their own urges every day.  There are no breaks from it.  It never lets go, and even those with the best intentions can plummet back into their destructive habits.

This type of news is sad, whether it’s a philanthropic NFL team owner or a parent, friend, neighbor, etc. who is losing the fight.  The outpouring of support has been refreshing, and we need to remember that support the next time someone without Irsay's respected track record falls into (or back into) the grasp of an addiction. 

Jim Irsay has been a great NFL owner, and other than last night, a good citizen.  Even if he hadn’t been so valuable to the city of Indianapolis and to Colts fans, our hearts would still go out to him.  Get well soon, Jim.

Marcus Dugan

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