Quick Hits: Five Things to Watch in Colts vs. Giants

I’m currently working on a Dan Herron film review for Friday, but since that wasn’t quite done, I wanted to throw a quick list of things together of things I’ll be watching in the Colts/Giants preseason matchup this Saturday.

We’ll have more comprehensive preseason review next week, but a busy week for my personal life pushed some of our stuff back this week. In the meantime: Five things I’m watching for against the Giants.

1. Trent Richardson

Honestly, I didn’t see anything from the Colts’ first drive against the Jets that looked different from Trent Richardson. He missed open cut back lanes twice, had his offensive line and/or tight ends fail him twice and overall wasn’t all that effective (by both a mix of his own fault and the fault of playcalling/offensive line).

But, it’s a very limited sample and I’m hoping to get an extended look against the Giants.

2. Offensive Philosophy

I wrote about this for Bleacher Report this week (SHAMELESS PLUG), so I won’t repeat myself here (read: I want more page hits).

Basically, I loved how the Colts opened up the game against the Jets with a spread field and quick plays out of shotgun. It was a similar style to the last five games of the regular season, and hopefully is a sign of Pep Hamilton’s evolution as a playcaller.

3. Jack Mewhort

The rookie guard struggled in the first game (read Ben Gundy’s comprehensive offensive line review for more) when placed in a starting role. It’s not a coincidence, in my opinion, that his play suffered when the starting tackles sat down, but some of his struggles were simply physical execution (like this play).

With reserve Joe Reitz shining, the call for Mewhort to have real competition will grow if his play does not improve.

4. The Secondary

The Colts really weren’t tested by the Jets through the air. Geno Smith, Michael Vick, Matt Simms and Tajh Boyd … yeesh.

The Giants and Eli Manning will present a bit of a tougher test. With a close game lending itself to running the ball, the linebackers and defensive line shone for the Colts last week. Hopefully Week 2 of the preseason gives us a better look at a secondary that’s still a bit of a mystery, which includes Vontae Davis and LaRon Landry coming back from injury.


We will forever be indebted to Curtis Painter for bringing us to the Promised Landrew.



I can’t wait for some of this.

Peyton Manning watching Curtis Painter quarterbacking his team is kind of like [write your own joke here].

Never forget.

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