Jim Irsay Arrested on DUI and Drug Possession Charges

It seems that Jim Irsay celebrated St. Patrick's Day just a bit too much Sunday night. 

Irsay was arrested late Sunday night/early Monday morning (per The Indy Star) on driving under the influence charges as well as possession of a controlled substance. Irsay was arrested shortly before midnight, and booked at the Hamilton County Jail around 3 a.m. 

The bond has been set at $22,500, and Irsay should be released this afternoon. 

UPDATE: Irsay was charged with four felony counts of possession of controlled substances. Irsay reportedly had multiple drugs not associated with his perscription bottles in the car. Irsay was stopped after some odd driving Sunday night and failed multiple roadside sobriety tests.

Irsay has a history of drug and alcohol problems, but it has not reared its head to the public in recent years. Last October, Irsay tweeted that he hadn't had a drink in 15 years. He addressed a past addiction to pain killers in 2002, confirming that he had been in rehabilitation that summer, but claiming he had dealt with the issue. 

We will wait for further details, but for now, our hearts go out to Irsay. Despite any jokes or disdain about the team-building over the last two years, Irsay is one of the finest owners in the league. Addiction is a terrible thing for anybody to battle, and the fight never ends. Clearly, Irsay's actions Sunday night were inexcusable (Why don't you have a driver, Jim??), but he has done enough for the community, and the Colts, over the years to have our support in a time of difficulty. 

How Roger Goodell will handle the situation is yet to be seen. The NFL's personal conduct policy does apply to owners as well, and the Colts could be facing some kind of punishment from the league. According to Mike Wells of, it is the seventh member of the Colts organization to be arrested since 2010.

Until that occurs, our thoughts and prayers will merely be with Jim Irsay.

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