ICYMI: Vinatieri, Fleener speak out, NFL awards, Colts on Twitter and more

Keeping up with everything going on with one team can be a difficult task – missing little stories isn’t hard to do. Fear no more, Colts Authority is here to make sure Colts fans are all aware of the buzz around their team. This will be a new series recapping the small stories that went on the previous week and will be posted every Monday. Enjoy!


Adam Vinatieri speaks out on kicking and retirement

Recently, Roger Goodell came out and shared his thoughts on potentially eliminating the extra point after touchdowns. On Wednesday, Adam Vinatieri spoke with NFL.com about the subject the commissioner started. “I don’t think any of us are above the ability to change football from what it is. I mean, it’s been the way it has been for 100 years. I don’t know if we should start changing stuff up,” said Vinatieri.

Although Vinatieri said he was against change, the 41-year-old did purpose an interesting change to field goals. Vinatieri stated, “If anything, make a 50-yard field goal worth four points instead of three. Now all of a sudden we become more valuable than less valuable.” 

Being 41-years-old, Vinatieri was the oldest player in the entire league this season, but he doesn’t seem ready to call it an end yet. “I feel that as long as I’m an asset and not a liability I’m still loving the game as much as I ever have. I feel like I potentially have a few more years as long as I can keep my body feeling healthy and keep kicking at a high level,” said Vinatieri.

Coby Fleener’s confidence in Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson has been quite the bust in Indianapolis, but Coby Fleener was very positive towards the back when he spoke to NFL.com on Friday. “I still think it was a great trade for us. Our front office has done an awesome job putting together teams from day one. I think that acquisition is going to be huge for us and pay dividends in the future,” said the young tight end.

Fleener went on to add, “I think part of it is you’re coming into an offense that’s probably one of the most complex in the NFL. And so for him to play a week after being there was impressive because it took me a year-and-a-half to learn the offense. I think this camp will do him a lot of good, and then you guys can judge him after that.”


Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy miss on Hall of Fame

Seven new faces were selected into the Hall of Fame on Saturday. Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy were not one of those faces, and they will now have to wait another year for a chance at this honor. The two former Colts got beaten out by: Derrick Brooks, Michael Strahan, Walter Jones, Aeneas Williams, Andre Reed, Ray Guy and Claude Humphrey.

When speaking with the Indy Star, Harrison stayed classy and positive. “Not disappointed. The thing is, not once did I psych myself up about being a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It definitely would have been a great honor, but I’m more happy for the guys who made it. It was well deserved,” said Harrison.

Dungy was very gracious when he spoke with the Indy Star. “It is an honor just to be considered. I’m excited and proud of Derrick Brooks and the rest of the class. When Marvin Harrison is not selected, it tells you the caliber of this class. I want to say congratulations to the guys who were selected,” said Dungy.


Robert Mathis misses on Defensive Player of the Year, wins inaugural Deacon Jones Award

Robert Mathis lead the league in sacks (19.5), but that wasn’t enough to beat out Carolina Panthers’ linebacker Luke Kuechly for Defensive Player of the Year. This award is usually given to a player that plays on one of the league’s best defenses, and Mathis simply didn’t do that. Kuechly got 13 votes to beat out Mathis’ 11.5 votes.

The Deacon Jones Award is a new award that will be given to the league’s sack leader – which just so happened to be Mathis. League officials decided to name the award after Deacon Jones when he passed away in June. Jones has been a member of the Hall of Fame since 1980.

When speaking to reporters in Indianapolis, Mathis said, “Deacon Jones is the creator of the sack, so to be able to win the first award in his honor is an honor. I’m very proud that I was able to win it and I thank my teammates, mainly the d-line, who were very instrumental in helping me get to the quarterback.”


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