ICYMI: Colts make moves; Robert Mathis wins an award and Colts on Twitter

Well, it has been a slow start to the offseason, but things are about to get rolling. This week will bring the official start of free agency, so expect the Colts to make a lot of noise (hopefully good noise). However, the Colts started to get busy a week early.

NFL 101 Awards:

Robert Mathis may have missed on Defensive Player of the Year, but he was honored as AFC Defensive Player of the Year at the 101 Awards.

For those unaware of what the 101 Awards are: it is award show that celebrates the top offensive player, defensive player and coach of the year in both conferences. The show has been going on for over 40 years and the winners are chosen in a media vote.

Chuck Pagano and Bruce Arians took home AFC Coach of the Year at these awards last year, and Pagano was the one who presented Mathis for his award.

Here is the video of both Pagano and Mathis at the show:


Colts Sign ILB D’Qwell Jackson

Inside linebacker was one of the many needs for the Colts this offseason, and they didn’t wait long to fill that need.

On Thursday, the Colts signed D’Qwell Jackson to a four-year $21-million deal ($11-million guaranteed).

Jackson was formerly a member of the Cleveland Browns for the past eight seasons, but asked for his release this offseason.

Jackson will be 31 this season, but he still played every game for the Browns last year and finished with 141 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

Marcus Dugan went more in depth about the Colts’ new linebacker.


Colts Release Samson Satele

Yes, in the move that was heard across the word, the Colts finally parted ways with Samson Satele.

Satele’s play at center was never too promising, and this move will save the Colts $4-million in cap space.

In doing this move, it guarantees that the Colts will need to get a new center in either free agency or the draft.

Marcus Dugan explained the struggles of Satele.


Colts Use RFA and ERFA Tenders

As exciting as it is to get new players, the team still has a large group of people they need to make sure they keep.

The Colts gave tenders to restricted free agents Joe Reitz (OL) and Josh Gordy (CB), as well as Cam Johnson who is an exclusive free agent.

Putting tenders on players of this level usually means they will return to the team the following season.

Because Marcus Dugan is Marcus Dugan, he was on top of the Colts’ release statement and other information on the players.  


Colts Re-Sign Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee was one of the bigger free agents the Colts had this offseason, and they were able to get a deal done quickly.

The two sides agreed upon a five-year, $14-million contract. The new contract makes McAfee the fourth-highest paid punter in the league.

McAfee has been one of the best punters in the league for the past couple of seasons, and it’s great that he will remain a Colt.

One last time, Marcus Dugan was able to cover the Colts’ release statement and more on why McAfee is awesome.

Edit: Here is Marcus again with some quotes from McAfee

Colts on Twitter: