Colts Camp Reminder: T.Y. Hilton is the Real Deal

So, the first real day of Colts training camp was yesterday, and the Colts took the practice field. There are all kinds of storylines at training camp, but one of the biggest is the wide receiving corp. Reggie Wayne’s return, Hakeem Nicks’ arrival, rookie Donte Moncrief’ coming in, etc.

But the most exciting of the group remains T.Y. Hilton, even if everybody is focused on the everybody but Hilton.

Lest we forget that Hilton just had the greatest postseason receiving game in NFL history, Hilton was a man on a mission on Thursday.

The poor guy is just out there doing his thing, and we’re forgetting about catches like this:

Here is a chart of all of his routes/catches from the Chiefs playoff game, a nice reminder that he’s not just a deep threat, despite some perception out there.

T.Y RoutesFinal


I’m not backing down from this horse: greatest receiving game in postseason history.

I’ve been as critical of the roster as anybody, and I still don’t think that it’s a great roster around Andrew Luck. But T.Y. is legit. He’s quickly become my favorite player to watch. I mean, Luck, obviously, is fantastic. Reggie is great, and there’s a history there. Mathis is my man. But there’s just something about T.Y. that gets at the wide receiver/passing aesthetics lover in me. He’s got a kid-like attitude that’s just fun to take in, too.

Now that the annual is released, we’ll really start to amp up our Colts Camp coverage next week, and I’ll be there in person to take in all the information I possibly can (if you’re there, let me know!)

But before we get into the discussions about who makes it as the 17th receiver and which fullback the Colts should keep, let’s remind ourselves that T.Y. Hilton is actually really, really good. Despite the Colts’ loaded receiving corp, he could be the clear-cut No. 1 receiver for Andrew Luck this season. If he is, people will take notice. They’ll have no choice.

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