2014 Salary Cap Impact for Cutting Notable Colts

As we look ahead into the Colts 2014 offseason, one of the key topics of conversation is going to be free agency and the potential 2014 final roster. The Colts are once again loaded with a wealth of cap space, but also have a plethora of needs to fill with 23 players becoming free agents this spring. The Colts needs and potential free agent signings are things that will be talked to death over the next two months, but one thing that can slide under the radar is how much the Colts can potentially free up by cutting individuals. 

With the mixed bag that was the 2013 offseason (and by mixed, I mean a rancid mixture of feces and sour milk), readers have often asked me about the potential releases of numerous overpaid  Colts in an effort to open up more cap space for a 2014 offseason that "fixes" (too harsh?) past contract mistakes. 

So, with that in mind, here are the cap savings and dead money involved in every interesting player on the Colts roster for 2014 and beyond. 

Samson Satele

2014 Cap Hit: $5,066,667

Dead Money: $1,066,667

2014 Cap Savings: $4 million

The poster child for "Please cut me right now," Satele currently has the fifth-largest cap hit on the team in 2014, and is approximately the 134th-best player. Quite simply, if he's on the roster in 2014, I will cry. 

These aren't "Peyton Manning is amazing and I miss him so much" kind of tears either. More like "OH GOD WHY IS BEN AFFLECK GOING TO BE BATMAN GOD WHY" kind of tears. 

Greg Toler

2014 Cap Hit: $4,833,333

Dead Money: $666,667

2014 Cap Savings: $4.17 million

Another strong candidate for a release, Toler was a huge disappointment in 2013, both when he was on the field (incredibly inconsistent/not very good) and due to the fact that he was injured for about 60 percent of the season. Toler was injury-prone in Arizona, and there's little reason to believe that he can stay healthy going forward. He can be cut with little harm to the cap. 

On the flip side, Toler and Darius Butler are the only cornerbacks on the roster for 2014 (outside of Sheldon Price). The Colts are kind of stuck with him.

Trent Richardson

2014 Cap Hit: $2,252,708

Dead Money: $2,252,708  $6,602,671

2014 Cap Savings: $0 -$4,349,963

There's disappointments, and then there is Trent Richardson. To say he was didn't reach expectations in 2013 would be like saying Jar Jar Binks was a mild disappointment in Episode I. But, Richardson's contract is fully guaranteed. Cleveland ate Richardson's $13 million signing bonus, but the Colts are stuck with his base contract. 

So, like him or hate him, odds are he'll be a Colt for the forseeable future. 

Side Note: I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems like the Colts would only be responsible for the year that they cut him when it comes to dead money. So, if they cut him this season, they wouldn't have to eat next year's 3.2 million as well. Again, I don't know why, but this is what both Spotrac and Over The Cap both have. If you know the answer, I'd love to hear it. Regardless, he won't get cut.

Edit: Spotrac and OTC have edited their numbers to include the correct dead money totals.

Ricky Jean Francois

2014 Cap Hit: $5,125,000

Dead Money: $1,875,000

2014 Cap Savings: $3,250,000

Personally, I'm not a fan of paying Ricky Jean Francois one of the top 25 defensive end contracts in the NFL. I don't think he brings much other than slightly above average run defense. But, again, the Colts are kind of stuck. They don't have any other long-term starting options at defensive end. 

He won't get cut. But there are the numbers.

LaRon Landry

2014 Cap Hit: $4,750,000

Dead Money: $5,250,000

2014 Cap Savings: -$500,000



And next year he's a $6.25 million hit. With $3.5 dead money. Blech. 

Erik Walden

2014 Cap Hit: $4,250,000

Dead Money: $4,750,000

2014 Cap Savings: -$500,000


But honestly, if you want to go ahead and nominate me for most depressing Colts writer of the year, I will understand. 

Walden wasn't the worst starting linebacker in the league this season, so he kind of beat our expectations. But he was still, well, not good. Pro Football Focus ranked him 31st out of 42 3-4 outside linebackers. And he has the 20th-highest cap hit of any OLB in 2014 (3-4 or 4-3 defense). 

Again, Walden wasn't the biggest liability in the world in 2013, but he's no bargain either. Not by a long shot. Unfortunately, there's no way to upgrade, at least not until next year, when he'll have a $4.25 million cap hit with just $500k in dead money. 

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