Week 4 Report Card: Colts at Jaguars

Most people expected the Colts to destroy a pretty bad Jags team (those helmets don’t help at all), especially after dominating the 49ers on the road.

They were right.

After the jump, we'll grade the Colts' offense, defense and special teams, and give you our Players of the Game for both sides of the ball.


It was a very weird, slow start for the Colts offense, especially for Andrew Luck.  He had a couple bad plays during the Colts’ first two drives, including an interception. He also missed T.Y. Hilton wide open on their 3rd offensive series, which ended in a punt.

Against Jacksonville, the offense struggled early, and then came Donald Brown. His 50 yd run set up Richardson’s TD to take a 14-3 lead in the 2nd quarter.

In the second half, the Colts offense killed the Jags with two 3rd quarter scores by Andrew Luck. One of them was a 31-yd throw to Coby Fleener, who’s still improving week after week.

Good performance overall, but their slow start against such a weak team was really frustrating.  They’ll need to improve a lot if they want to upset the Seahawks next week.  Oh, and we’re still waiting to see something special from T-Rich.

Grade: B-

Offensive player of the game: Reggie Wayne.

Luck didn’t have his best game, but Reggie was always there for him. He caught everything that came his way (including some sick grabs that were either ruled incomplete or denied by penalties) and finished with 5 catches for 100 yards and a TD.  He’s still Luck’s best friend and with good reason.



Easy game for them. They only allowed 3 points and those came off Luck’s interception in the first quarter. They contained Jones-Drew to 23 yards and intercepted Gabbert 3 times and sacked him 4 times.  Darius Butler scored the first TD of the game with a 41-yd pick 6. Second consecutive week they dominated their opponent on the road. Again, it was a nearly perfect performance.

Defensive player of the game: Darius Butler.

In a game with so many great plays on defense, including a fantastic performance by Robert Mathis with 3 sacks, it was Butler’s pick-6 (with the game tied 3-3) that seemed to fire up the Colts.

Grade: A+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Not much to do for them. Tight in coverage and McAfee punted just 3 times. The highlights for the unit were definitely Adam Vinatieri’s 3 FGs.  

Grade: A

Go Colts!