#CATweetbag: Grading Grigson

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A: The only grade that matters for a GM is wins and losses, and the draft will always be the biggest influencer on that front.

Grigson's first five rounds in the 2012 draft were insane. It could go down as one of the best drafts ever, certainly for one year at least.

On that count, I give him an unqualified "A".

There have been missteps, for sure, but small errors in free agency really don't matter to anything compared with drafting.  This free agency period, I'd give him a solid B.

No, I don't get the Erik Walden signing, but I get what they were trying to do. Grigson improved the roster without mortgaging the future. That's all you can hope for in free agency anyway.

He's avoided long-term mistakes while making short-term gains. It's hard to argue with that.




A: I would take the Seahawks, Colts and Redkins in that order. I think Indy will have the best quarterback play, but Seattle has a much stronger roster, top to bottom.

Given that we don't know if Griffin will even be healthy, it's difficult to project the Redskins as a playoff team.

The fact is that people will continue to compare the three young quarterbacks forever. The teams themselves are considerably less equivalent.




A: The best option at wideout has always been in the draft. Given Indy's dalliance with free agents, however, it seems unlikely they grab one in round one. Grigson and Chuck Pagano know full well the defense is still a motley assortment of spare parts. They need an anchor on that side of the ball.

Still, if I'm looking for a fit at wideout, it's hard not to like Cordarrelle Patterson from Tennessee. He's got terrific skills and is big and fast. He'd be an incredible compliment to T.Y. Hilton for years to come.



A: Honestly, it still could be. If Vontae Davis and Greg Toler are both healthy, then the corners are solid, but both battled injuries last season.

With LaRon Landry and Toler in the fold, the Colts are better in the secondary, but it's a thin unit. If the projected starters play together, it could be a middle-of-the-pack group at best, but that would be a dramatic improvement.

With even one or two injuries, however, this unit could easily return to the bottom of the league.




A: I think this is a fantastic question.

The reason is that it shows just how unrealistic expectations are for tight ends. A slash line of 65/850/8 would be an insane season.

Since 2000, there have been just 16 such seasons by a tight end. Jason Witten, Rob Gronkowski and Dallas Clark only managed one single year like that in their entire careers.

Only 14 different tight ends in history have ever had that kind of a season.

So, no. He won't put up anything in that ball park.

Dallas Clark didn't hit 500 yards receiving in a season until he was 28.

Will Fleener be more productive in 2013?

No question.

That will look more like 30/400/5.




A: Bill Simmons was talking to Bob Ryan on his podcast this week about how the Patriots keep losing in the playoffs because "they didn't go all in".

I wanted to puke.

They've dropped Super Bowls and AFC Title games because they flat choked. Pure and simple. They had an inferior Ravens team at home for a chance to go to a sixth Super Bowl, and they lost.

I hate Patriot fans because they haven't yet figured out that they were lucky to win three titles and unlucky to have lost a few others. Even after all these years, they don't get it.




A: I love Grimm. Other than Justified, it's the one show on TV right now that disappoints me less often than any other.

Is it a little cheesy with the special effects? Sure, sometimes, but I grew up on Star Trek and am a die-hard X-Files and Smallville lover, so I can handle that.

Mostly, I enjoy the world they've created and feel like the show deals effectively with the concept of culture.

It's a great watch.

My only complaint is that Juliet is extraneous. They need to kill her off.