This Week in 1st-and-Crown

Ah, the sweet memory of being 1-1. So wonderful, so fleeting. Colts Authority's ragtag band of football players put up a whopping 50 points as they fell to "Patriots Life" 64-50 in their Week 3 showdown. One of the dangers of drafting two bad (fantasy) players to "stream" at a position is that, well, they're going to be bad. So when we started Super Bowl MVP and former-highest-paid-player-in-the-league Joe Flacco against the Texans over Ben Roethlisberger against the Bears, you're sometimes going to get stuck with 6pts. 6 whole points. Roethlisberger, by the way, put up 20 points. We're not mathematicians here, but I'm lead to believe that 64-50=14 and 20-6 = 14. Not sure this has any significance.

After the jump, we'll talk about we'll move to 1-3 on the season.

This week, we take on "Waiting for Next Year", an Ohio/Cleveland Browns' blog. Both teams are 1-2, so this is a big game. Whoever falls to 1-3 can likely kiss their playoff chances goodbye.

We'll be going with Big Ben vs the Vikings, Ridley and Mathews at RB, AJ Green and Stevie Johnson at WR, FLEEEEEENER at TE,  and Dan Bailey and, ironically, the Browns DST for our special teams.

We'll be up against Jay Cutler, Adrian Peterson, Lamar Miller, Michael Floyd, Demaryius Thomas as well as Jermaine Gresham and Alex Henery at TE and K. WFNY has already played their defense, the Rams, who put up 6pts on Thursday night.

After this week, I have a feeling it's Colts Authority who will be… Waiting for Next Year.