The Difference a Good Route Makes

I wrote about this for Bleacher Report today, and spoke with Greg on last night's podcast about it, but I wanted to make sure it got some attention here too. 

The Colts' inexperience and youth at receiver has severely hurt Andrew Luck this season, and we've talked about that a lot. But it's not always obvious what the effects of that are. The easiest way it hurts the offense is through consistent route-running. One of the under-appreciated things that Reggie Wayne brought to the table was his consistent, technically brilliant routes, something he learned from Marvin Harrison years ago. 

It brought us gems like this: 

Or this:

 photo Wayneflag.gif

With that in mind, take a look at these two plays from Sunday. Watch Griff Whalen and Da'Rick Rogers on the bottom of the clip run post routes. 


On both plays, Luck makes the throw as the receiver makes the break, and is throwing to a spot. 

Whalen's is sharp, fakes to the outside and includes good burst out of the cut. Rogers' is rounded, lazy and without a fake. 

Whalen is wide open for a touchdown, Rogers gets undercut for an interception. It's a big difference, and one that the Colts, and Luck, have been living with all season.

Kyle J. Rodriguez

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