Buy the 2013 Colts Authority Annual

It's finally time. 

After months of back-and-forth emails, a couple weeks of shameless promotion and a few sleepless nights, the Colts Authority staff is proud to present you with the 2013 Colts Authority Annual. 

The Annual is going to be a yearly Indianapolis Colts preview that contains a wide variety of material from Colts Authority staff and contributors. Not only does this include traditional season preview material (positional previews, free agent and draft profiles, etc.) but some unique Colts Authority material (I will neither confirm nor deny that there is a brand new "XX Reasons We Love ____"). 

The Annual is now available to download on Madison House Publishing at the low, low price of $4.99. 

I know that free content is the name of the game in today's new media age, but I can tell you (as one of the cheapest people I know) that this will be well worth it. 

With over 100 pages of premium content, all laid out beautifully by our own Josh Boeke, the Annual is one of the most exciting, highest-quality projects that I've been a part of. 

If you're a Colts fan, this is a must-read to get crunked, as our own Nate Dunlevy would say, for the 2013 season. 

If you're not sure whether this is for you or not, check out this 10-page demo (right-click, save as), straight from the 100+ page final product. If that doesn't make you want to buy it, there's no hope for you. 

Last note: if you enjoy the Annual, and would like to see more, please share it, recommend it to others, comment, etc. We're really excited to do this for years to come, but only with your support. Thank you for reading, and go Colts!

Kyle J. Rodriguez

About Kyle J. Rodriguez

A film and numbers guru, Kyle writes about the NFL and the Indianapolis Colts for Bleacher Report, Draft Mecca and The Football Educator, and is a co-founder and associate editor of Colts Authority. Kyle also is a high school sports reporter for the MLive Media Group in Michigan, covering high school sports across the state.