Revenge of the #CATweetbag

It's been too long since the last Colts Authority Tweetbag, affectionately known as the Cat Wee Bag by its legion of faithful followers.

You can participate in the tweetbag by tweeting me with the hashtag #CATweetbag. You can also drop me a line via email as well.

It's been a busy month since the draft, but I did have time to check in with Titan Sized to share my thoughts about the 2013 Colts. The end result was a string of unpleasant Twitter conversations with angry Titans fans who are mystified why I don't think signing a couple of guards and Shonne Greene will transform the Tennessee offense.

And people wonder why I quit my full-time writing job. Yeesh.

Today's Tweetbag contains none of that nonsense, but plenty of other nonsense starting with an email from an old friend of 18to88. Welcome back J.C., everyone!

For the uninitiated, J.C. was once the most incoherent vitriolic commenter on the late, great 18to88.

Over the years, he developed "full immunity". He got to come on and talk pro-Patriots trash, because he showed up win or lose. He bothered to make an appearance after they lost to the Giants in the 18-0 game, earning him the respect of all.

Now he once again appears in our humble in-box.

He randomly sent me this not-at-all homoerotic picture just to prove that A. he is still alive (which should cost several of you old-timers in the "when will J.C. die" pool) and B. he "doesn't age".

So for those of you who were wondering where he is, the great J.C. is still out there…driving.

Now, on to other matters.


A: This is a great question, Alex. The answer is is in the question. The Colts want to keep flexibility. Even now, they'll have a few million dollars left over in cap room heading into this year. That's the cash you need to stay flexible in case someone goes down in training camp.

Imagine for a moment that something awful happened and Reggie Wayne blew out his knee in the preseason. Maybe there's a trade or a released veteran the Colts could move in on, but only if they have cap space to do it.

The fact is that left over cap money can be rolled forward and in the short-run it provides flexibility. Indy already has plenty of wiggle room over the next two offseasons under the cap. They need the space now more than in the future.




A: I always struggle with these kinds of questions, because there are lots of reasons players get cut. Sometimes it's because of money or injuries.

Often, it's because a better, cheaper, younger player wins a job. When a big name vet gets released like that, it's often a sign that the end is near.

In short, don't look for help between now and the start of the season. The roster is far from finished, and the Colts may bring in a lot of guys. By and large, however, they aren't going to be high impact moves.

This is your team.




A: Fish in a barrel: I think Eric Walden will struggle to stay on the field. I've written enough about this topic already, and no one wants to hear me go on about it again.

I think fans in general will be underwhelmed by most of the new Colts. The team is better, but not dramatically so. Nine wins is the call, but I also think that will win the South.


A: I thought a lot about this.

McClain's biggest weakness is a lack of quality footwear, but the Death Star is all stainless steel, with very little glass, so I think he's safe on that front.

He certainly has the kind of cowboy flair that would serve him well in a Space Western, but somehow I think the PG rating would be his ultimate undoing.

"Yippee Kai-yea, Nerf-herder!"

Yeah, no. Death Star in a route.




A: When it comes to job creation, I believe the best thing local government can do is to provide a positive climate for economic development. That means the following:

1. Good schools

2. Low crime (a by-product of #1)

3. Stable infrastructure, especially roads and airports

Once you've done that, then it's incumbent on governors and mayors to be PR champions for the area. If outsiders don't know there's a great city with a well-educated populace, they aren't likely direct their efforts toward your area.

To that extent, the city leaders who envisioned the sports-centric plan for Indy back in the late 1970s and 80s were brilliant. This city isn't built on sports. It's built on hard-working people and good schools. Sports just clued the rest of the country into to what a fantastic place this is to live.

The fact is that during a brutal economy, Indiana was reasonably well-insulated the last few years. That's not to say there were no job losses. There were, but things were far worse in other areas like the North-east.

Indy isn't a secret anymore. Everyone knows about the city, so there's no need for more cash-infusions into the entertainment industry.

Now what this city needs, and is doing, is an environment friendly to startup tech companies in an effort to retain the graduates IU, Purdue and the rest of the schools are putting out. That's the industry I work in now, and I have to say, it's encouraging to see the movement.

So keep those roads fixed and those schools strong, and the jobs are going to follow. Hoosiers are making their own work these days. It's great to see.


A: I'm not done yet.


Honestly, it's been disappointing so far. The show misses the true ensemble spirit that dominated the first three seasons. There are great moments, but it's just not firing on all cylinders. It's been a chore to watch, and we just started Friday Night Lights, so that's dominating our attention.

I'll update you when I've seen more than half the episodes.